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3 Easy to Care for Houseplants and Free Plant Printable

First of all, in writing this post, I had to Google whether it was houseplants or house plants. Just in case you are wondering, It’s houseplants as one word, but indoor plants is two!  I love that I have made it almost 50 years and some days still feel totally illiterate. Thank goodness for Google! With all of the things I have no idea if they are grammatically correct or not! I don’t know how people did it before with only paper dictionaries and encyclopedias. I guess they would phone a friend…ha ha. Anyway, A few years ago, many of my interior design clients wanted real-looking faux plants. They did not want “real” plants. Now, many are ready to dip their toes in the “live plant” water and always ask me what the prettiest, and easiest plants are to care for.  Live plants are great at cleaning your air and removing toxins! Even NASA has houseplants they recommend to clean your air! Some of these houseplants you do have to be careful with, they might be easy to grow, but can be toxic to pets or children. It’s always a good idea to check before bringing one home. I love decorating with plants! Here is the trifecta of what I would call the 3 easy to care for houseplants, and at the end of the post a free plant printable!

Pothis plant in kitchen sink


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#1 Pothos or Devil’s Ivy

Pothos hanging in kitchen window, one of 3 easy to care for houseplantsLet me tell you why I love the Pothos plant. While it seems like the vanilla latte of plants,  honestly, it’s far from it. It’s easy to grow, you can either over or under-water it and still not kill it. It will live in low light, and if you water it enough, it will reward you by sending out long trailing vines that can be looped and cascaded all over. It has beautiful variegated varieties, and you can propagate them in water, and make new baby pothos all over again!


#2 Snake Plant, Mother in Law Tongue, Sansevieria

Sanseviera plant also called the snake plant.Loves low light and doesn't need a lot of water.

This is another one of  my favorites. You can even see how to divide them here to make more. They do fine in low light, need little water, and come in lots of fun varieties, and just kind of hang out and look good! When they need water, they’ll start drooping over a little and getting saw-tooth notches in the sides of their leaves as you can see in the picture above. It’s best to give them a good soaking and then forget about them for a while.


#3 The Spider Plant

A hanging spider plant is easy to grow and makes more spider plants

This one is fun, even though I HATE real spiders, because it not only makes a great trailing plant, but each little plant baby that comes off of can be planted to make a new plant You can also let them be, and more spider plant babies will keep forming. Keep his soil mildly damp, but he’ll let you know when he doesn’t have enough water,because rusty brown spots will appear on the long spear-like leaves.

Hanging varigated pothos plant in bathroom, an easy to grow and care for indoor plant

I hope you are ready to bring in some of thses 2 easy to care for plants to enjoy! If you’re not sure where to buy them, you can actually find some of my favorites on Amazon!

You can also grab this mug for the plant mama in your life and other plant designs!

Or you can grab this free Plants Make People Happy printable below and add it to your decor. I really do think that plants make people happy, I know they make me happy!

Free plants make people happy printable art from Jennifer Rizzo

3 easy to care for houseplants