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5 Ways to Add Interest to Your Yard

When we moved into our home over 20 years ago, our yard was one large patch of green grass.  Over time, we’ve enhanced and added plants and shrubs to create a little, vacationy retreat in the middle of the suburbs. If you’re seeking the same result, I have 5 ways to add interest to your yard that will give it a more lush and interesting. These tips will help you create an outdoor garden and yard you’ll love to spend time in.

Create vignettes in a garden for interest adn scenery


5 tips to add interest to your yard and landscaping

Pea gravel and stepping stone path with hosta

1  Use different materials such as pea gravel or mulch to break up the green. This also helps create zones and paths that make your yard feel special. This is a great trick if you live in an area where it tends to be drier and things are harder to grow.

Add mulch or pea gravel to create yard interest

Different materials can also signal “transitions” and make your yard feel larger instead of one big area of “green”. Creating zones like this can also decrease areas to weed as well, which is always a good thing.

Adding pea gravel for yard interest

2 Create small moments of “discovery” by adding statues or vignettes.

Statue in the garden for interest

Small statue in the garden

Tell little “stories” in different areas.  You can also add items such a potted plants to add a more lush, green feel. This is a great way to make a small yard feel like it has more plants than it does.

Potted ferns and plants for patio interest

3 Items such as arbors or trellises are perfect for architectural interest.  They draw the eye upward and bring a vertical element to your yard, “raising” your garden.

Arbor in the garden for architechtural interest

Instead of growing flowering vines, grow veggies such as climbing green beans, cucumbers, squash or even tomatoes,and get the benefit of growing food and looking good.

Making a green bean tent

4 Another tip to easy add interest to your yard is to plant special trees or plants. Just one show-stopper does the trick such as this perennial Hibiscus with gorgeous red flowers.

Perennial HIbiscus with red flowers

Even if you have a sea of boring hosta, a well-placed  special shrub can make a big impact. If you don’t have the space, a potted annual can do wonders to add color and are pleasing to the eye.

Add potted annuals for color


Plant veggies and flowers together! Not only will it add a beautiful mix of textures and colors, but your plants will love it. Flowers in the garden will attract more beneficial insects and increase the chance of pollination and a healthier and more balanced backyard environment!

Garden with a mix of veggies and. flowers to attract benficial insects

You don’t have to have  green thumb to have a beautiful yard. Even a large area of grass with a few of these 5 ways to add interest to your yard tips can make a huge impact!

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