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The Kitchen Table Creative Club

Like many creatives, my business started at my kitchen table over 15 years ago hand-making home decor and painting furniture until wee hours of the night. And at first I just wanted to just be able to create and be able to make pretty things while the kids slept, but over time I really wanted to be able to grow and bless my family financially doing what I loved with a creative business. I started selling at craft shows, markets, and stepped into multi-vendor booths and eventually a retail store. This is where The Kitchen Table Creative Club comes in and helping other small,creative business owners.

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I made so many mistakes along the way. While I was lucky to have a few close friends that we kind of figured it out together as situations came up, but a lot of it was hard and mysterious because I had to learn as I went along while raising kids and I didn’t always know the questions I needed to ask. I don’t know that I needed to know. I wanted a way to share information with other creatives who wanted to know more.

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The last three years I have been doing business consulting for small, creative businesses like artists and makers and retail stores. It’s been eye opening and ignited something in me. It made me ask myself, how can I help more creative business owners of any age and place in life. No one is too inexperienced or too old to start/ work on a creative business. And all creative businesses are welcome, not just the ones listed!

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I found I really have a passion for it, and this is why I am starting the Kitchen Table Creative Club. The name is an homage to where most of us start working from. It’s a free weekly newsletter that talks about topics such as how do I get my handmade items into boutiques? I paint furniture should I sell in a booth? How can I start selling wholesale? I love to do many things, how do I narrow it down?

The free newsletter will also feature other makers, artists, all around creatives and shop owners who are working hard and succeeding at the game and have great advice for you. Sign up for the FREE weekly newsletter and join the club!

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