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Welcome to the 2019 Holiday Housewalk Day 1!

I am partnering with Arhaus for the 2019 Holiday Housewalk. Opinions are entirely my own.

You guys, it’s here again! I can’t believe this has been 9 years of holiday housewalks! I think about how small they started out and how amazing they have become! I started the Housewalk in 2011 after I had gone on a real housewalk in homes in my area. The cost was $50, and it was a lot of money for us at the time. I wanted to find away that other people could enjoy going through beautiful homes without having to spend any money, and here we are still going in 2019!  I am so excited to share this year’s home with you, and even more exciting, I am partnering with Arhaus this year to bring you the 2019 Holiday Housewalk ( you can see my tour of Arhaus here.)  To make sure you don’t miss a single home on the walk, not only can you check back here all week long, but you can also follow the hashtag #Jrholidayhousewalk and see everyone who is posting. If you would like a chance to be on next years housewalk, make sure to join in the linky party next Monday. Now, let’s grab our hot cocoa, crank the Christmas tunes, put on some cozy socks, and start “walking” the Holiday Housewalk Day 1!

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Jennifer Rizzo + Arhaus for the Holiday Housewalk Day 1

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Jennifer RIzzo Holiday Housewalk Day 1

First, let’s start at my home!

Jennifer Rizzo's Holiday Housewalk and home tour

Jennifer Rizzo's Holiday Living Room in the 2019 Housewalk

Next we’ll head over to Fox Hollow Cottage.

Fox Hollow Cottage Jennifer Rizzo's Holiday Housewalk 2019

Fox Hollow Cottage Dining Room Jennifer Rizzo Housewalk 2019


Then, let’s go visit Bless’er House,

Blesser House Jennifer Rizzo Holiday Housewalk 2019

Blesser House Living room with wreaths on windows Jennifer Rizzo Housewalk 2019

The next stop on the 2019 Holiday Housewalk is Rooms for Rent.

Rooms for Rent Jennifer Rizzo Holiday Housewalk 2019

Rooms for Rent Holiday Housewalk 2019

Then we go over do the home of Kelly Elko.

Kelly Elko Jennifer Rizzo Holiday Housewalk 2019Kelly Elko Dining Room with Two Christmas Trees


Then we go over to the last amazing house, the home of Jeanne Oliver!

Jeanne Oliver Jennifer Rizzo Holiday Housewalk 2019

The Home of Jeanne OLiver Midecentury Modern Christmas Decor

Weren’t all of the homes today amazing??!! I can’t wait to show you more! Tomorrow we will kick off with:

Nesting with Grace.

Nesting with grace Jennifer Rizzo Holiday Housewalk 2019


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