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A Quick Easy Decorative Candles with Repurposed Belts

I love an easy project! I had some extra belts from the thrift store laying around after finishing this project,and I always have a bit of burlap hanging around as well and thought it would be cute to embellish decorative candles with repurposed belts (for decorative use only) for a quick and easy project decor project!

embellish decorative candles with repurposed belts! It's easy to dress up a battery operated candle with burlap and a belt and burlap for an upcycled project

This upcycled belt project is a perfect way to use old or thrift store belts and create a cozy feel on dollar store candles. I always find  a lot of really cool belts  at the thrift store. I’ve even used them to create leather bracelets. I wrapped a bit of burlap around  the candle base, but any decorative fabric or paper will do (just make sure to remove it before burning.).

Use a thrift store belt to dress up a candle

To add the leather belt onto the candle, I measured the belt so it had about 2 inches of hang over on the end and I could actually “buckle” it.  It’s easiest to make a loop with the belt and then slip it over the top of the candle with the burlap and then tighten it. Once I tightened it, I used a pair of sharp scissors to cut it down and create a nice and clean point on the end for the embellish decorative candles with repurposed belts.

It was that easy! It’s a decorative use only on a regular candle and you would have to remove it before burning. But, you could easily do this on a battery operated candle and then leave it on while using it.

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  1. Love this idea! I just collected a bunch of belts to wrap around pillows. I never thought about candles. I shared this on my fab friday post.

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