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The real living room evolution post!!

Did you guess the living room picture order?

It was so much fun! I know many of you said the Christmas ones were tricky!

I know you are dying to see the answers, so here you go!

5House 2007This one was the gimme.It’s so 2007.I had  a professional stager bring a class to my house for their final exam and this was the result.

If it looks like this after, can you imagine what it looked like before? I remember she made me move the exersaucer and swing out of the room. I was on survival mode and wasn’t thinking about decorating much.I remember being in awe of how they knew things would go together.I didn’t realize a lot of it is just playing with what you have.

3.Jennifer Rizzo house 2This was the one after my first lighter “repaint” You can see the other room in the back is still horrendously dark. And,all 3 of my  kids were still under 7. I don’t know how I ever repainted! I loved that grouping of mirrors. It was made with Dollar store mirrors and only cost me $15. I kept  the furniture where she had it,it seemed to work in the room.


Jennifer Rizzo house xmas walkAnd sometime around here is when I started with my first booth and the furniture started to randomly get swapped out.


Jennifer Rizzo house 1This was when I repainted again and I hadn’t marked where all of the collaged mirrors go.It was an “awe nuts” moment, but I was not about to go through that again.

I thought I was making this huge leap,dark yellow to medium yellow. It seemed so bright to me then!

Do you like how I blurred out all of the junk in the background of the mirror? Ahh… pre-picmonkey days.


Jennifer Rizzo house 4

I learned to stage the shot in the mirror for this go around. This is one of the ways I had it that I liked it the most.If I ever get my family room downstairs back together and the TV off the main floor, I might go back to this.

I hope we can get to it soon. Right now we just have too much furniture crammed on one floor and it makes me feel claustrophobic.


Jennifer Rizzo house 5I love this faux mantel. It’s been all over my house.


Jennifer Rizzo houseI actually love the room like this too.I kind of like the couch in front of the mantel.


Jennifer Rizzo house xmasLove this clock. Homegoods.Need I say more?

So the correct order was: 5 3 2 1 4  8 6 7

And nobody guessed! I am so bummed! But you guys were super close, I am impressed!  So I randomly drew and the winner is Linda!

Linda contact me with your e-mail and info!

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  1. Very nice! How did I ever miss this though? ha ha! Oh I know, I haven’t read a blog in a few weeks. We have been in the fall high school activity mode which is probably the MOST active time of the year for us…. cross country, tennis, marching band competitions ever single saturday, canning up the last of the garden produce, apple sauce making, and Chris finishing up his reserve officer training with a semi-local police department. ANd we are LOVING it, (mostly…. one “child” has decided he does NOT like marching band, thankfully he is more than willing to admit the error in his ways and say that we were right. love that boy!)

    Have a wonderful week! Enjoy the beautiful weather we’ve been having!!

  2. Oh Jennifer, I am soooooooooo over the moon happy that my name was drawn!!!! I hopefully sent you an email from your advertising page email address. Thank you so very much, this absolutely thrilled my heart, which has been a little down lately ;). I love seeing all your changes, you are a girl after my own heart, as I love to mx things up too!! Keep on decorating, we all love to see what you are up to and thanks again for the opportunity to win!! Blessings to you, Linda F.

  3. The color of the walls (light re do one) is so warm and beautiful, the room is gorgeous. Cool faux mantel too.
    You are quite an artist.

  4. I love seeing the progression of your home…particularly, this one room!

    I wish so bad I had pictures of all the houses we’ve renovated…..my style has evolved so much over the past 17 years!
    It started in 1996 with a navy and white and hunter green sofa. I decorated our seminary family housing apartment around that sofa. ugh.

  5. Hi Jennifer, Love your style! What flooring do you have in the living room, please?

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