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Gold leaf wine bottles upcycle

I love a project like gold leaf wine bottles that comes from cleaning out the fridge! I had a few opened, old bottles of wine. I am  not  a huge drinker and I have a bad habit of opening a bottle, drinking a glass or two and then the rest going bad.

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drippy gold leaf wine bottles

I actually love to gold leaf. I think it’s a fun craft with a big impact. I’ve gold-leafed ornaments, added gold leafing to mirrors, 

spooky book covers, and even done faux gold leaf to make antique bottles with spray paint.

It’s a fast an easy project that just needs Gold Leaf,Metal Leaf Adhesive Size,painters tape, a soft brush, and a few friends to help you empty the bottles beforehand.

I started with a trio of mismatched bottle and cleaned the labels off.

wine bottle crafts

After that, I used painters tape to make stripes.

how to gold leaf wine bottles

and then I brushed me adhesive on. This is where you want to go do something else, and then come back. The adhesive has to cure a bit and get tacky.

how to gold leaf on wine bottles

Carefully add your gold leafing. The sheets tear very easily.

Once your gold leaf is added, you have to remove the excess by brushing if off with a soft brush.

I found the best and neatest way to do this is to brush it off into  shopping bag.

how to gold leaf and keep it from being messy

In fact, I have a shopping bag just for that occasion!

upcycle old wine bottles with gold leaf

Remove the painters tape and they are ready to go!

You could use these for flowers, or even necklace holders, or just display them as they are. You could also put Fairy lights in them.

I decided to use mine as candle holders (Always use proper safety precautions when using candles.). Battery-operated taper candles are pretty cool,and there’s no fire hazard.


They looked very pretty with the white wax dripped down the sides and the gold.

drippy candles in gold leafed recycled wine bottles

I love these gold leaf wine bottles as an idea for a centerpiece, and would make a big impact across a fireplace mantel.

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  1. Your candle bottles are beautiful!! I have some old gold leaf that I never used. I might try this! Thank you for posting the idea.

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