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Make a Belted Storage Utility Basket

I’ve been in love lately with the look of utility storage baskets that have the buckles in front.  They have almost a classic vintage kind of aesthetic. Even more, I love having  a place to jam all of my “stuff” into that makes the clutter look a little bit neater.  I did price some out on-line and “yikes!” I knew there had to be a better way to replicate the look with out spending so much. Walking though the thrift store the other day I had an a-ha! moment and made a belted storage utility basket.
Belted storage utility basket

I picked up a cheap basket at the store and a few belts from the thrift store.
Add belts to a basket to create a storage basket
After cutting off the little doo-hickey beads in front, I put my belts across the top to see which one looked the best.
Belts fro the thrift store
 I went with the darkest because I liked the color and pattern the best and it felt the most ages.
Cut the belt with scissors to the length you want
 I measured it across the top, letting the top part of the buckle hang over where I wanted it to end up and trimmed it where it met the back of the basket. I hot glued it on. Now make sure you clean up your glue gun strings people, because you know the Craft Wars judges hate those. 😉
Add a belt to a basket to make a storage utility basket
I then fastened the belt together and measured it from the bottom.
Vintage belt to create a storage bakset
Then I also trimmed and hot glued. I had no problem cutting the leather with a sharp pair of scissors.
Use hot glue to adhere the belt to the basket
 And there it was! My belted basket! It’s a pretty way to create more storage to hide all of the stuff.



Make a belted storage basket with a vintage belt and basket
It looks so cute and ready to hide all of the kids stuff and toys.
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  1. Super cute, great idea. And you are SOOOOOO right, those stinky badinky Crafts War Judges will eat your underpants with a smile if you leave those horrible glue strings!!! 🙂

  2. I love that basket. I have many storage containers but they are all boring plastic ones. I’d love to have a basket like this.

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