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Beautiful and Easy Decorating Ideas You’ll Want to Use

I recently was invited to visit my local ARHAUS and take a peek around at their holiday décor and new merchandise. I love wandering through the store, because the displays and wall treatments are so beautiful! I even have a video below of my adventure! I also wanted to share with you some beautiful and easy decorating ideas you’ll want to use that I discovered in my wandering.

(This post contains affiliate links and is sponsored by Arhaus)

trees with lights and a gorgeous mirror

Living Room set up with vintage door as a wall

One of the first things that I noticed besides  gorgeous lit trees when I walked in the store, was the corner where they had they had a living room set up. I felt like I could move right in, and I had to grab a picture. The backdrop for the room was a vintage door, and I loved the pop of color on the sofa, which leads me to my first decorating tip just after the video:


In a world where there is a sea of white, don’t underestimate a good leather sofa.

I have a lot of design clients who ask me if they should keep their leather sofa. All they see on social media and Instagram are light sofas and wonder if leather out of date. A good quality leather sofa is timeless, and that it only gets better with age. The way to combat a leather couch that seems a little on the darker side is to use contrast with lighter walls, or in this case a lighter backdrop, and light textiles such as pillows, throws,and a contrasting accent chair.  Even thought the chair could be considered on the boho side, it adds some nice visual contrast to the heavier leather.

Pampas Grass Chandelier in a dining area

Using unconventional materials in decorating can be an inexpensive way to add a fun surprise.

This giant Pampas grass “chandelier” hanging over a dining room table really grabbed my attention! If I could have walked right out with it, I would have (You can see an almost 360 view of it in the video). It really made a huge statement, it was pretty awesome.

Simple centerpiece with gold silver and a faux fur throw

However, on the subtler side, on another table, their visual merchandiser used a faux fur as a table covering with gold branch candlesticks, and a gold vase on a silver tray. I loved the contrast  of the metal with the softness of the fur.


Sometimes simpler is better.

Simple centerpiece with greenery and berries

I loved how this amazing vase with the greenery and stems with white berries had such a huge statement. It’s probably $15 worth of foliage, but it just looks so much more expensive.

Book and greenery on a table

On this amazing table this simple black book tied with twine and a spring of pine adds a clean and pretty touch.


Paint treatment on walls in bedroom

Painted walls are an inexpensive way to make a wow statement.

Something that I really loved was how beautiful many of the walls were in the room vignettes.  They had gorgeous ombre and metallic paint treatments all over the place I swooned over.

Bedrooom vignette with painted wall treatment


They had such a watery,soft, romantic feel.  I am feeling inspired to paint one on my own walls. In the grand scheme of things, Paint is such an inexpensive design option. It is a great way to take a risk without breaking the bank when decorating a room!


I hope you loved these design ideas as much as I loved my visit to our local ARHAUS. It was so inspiring! For more inspiration, you can visit the Arhaus blog!