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Christmas wall decor…Reindeers,and trees, and snowflakes oh my!

I just had to make  a play on the Wizard of Oz quote. Youngest is obsessed with the movie, and is even going as Dorothy for Halloween. So when I thought about writing this post, that’s the first thing that came to mind. 🙂

Those flying monkey’s still scare the pants off of me.

I am excited to share something much less scary with you. My Christmas wall decor through Wallternatives! These are the very first real product my art work is on that I haven’t produced myself and it is so exciting! I wanted to do something that would be fun for kids and grown ups a like, and both boys and girls! And the best part is you can either use one set by itself or mix and match all of them, kind of like my stencils.

I decided to dress up the kids playroom with them a bit.

Girl and boy Wallternative wall decor for Christmas

I designed a tree with vintage style ornaments,snowflakes, and reindeer with removable accessories so they can be dressed however you like!

Super cute girl reindeer wall decor with cute birds!

The girl comes with a garland necklace, a bow and sweet little winter birds for her antlers.

Very cool and fun Christmas reindeer holiday decor for boys!

The boy comes with sunglasses, a red nose,a bow tie and a crazy cool ear flap hat.

Wallternatives wall decor

It was really exciting to open the package and see the artwork all laid out!

Fun christma tree with pretty vintage ornaments Wallternatives

The tree on the website shows the branches going straight across, but you can also angle them and overlap a bit if you wanted a traditional style tree.

It’s fun to hang the ornaments all over…

Wallternative wall decor fun Christmas reindeer


Snowflake wall decor for the holidays by Wallternative

And the snowflakes come in different sizes and either blue or gray.

Pretty snowflakes for your wall by Wallternative and Jennifer Rizzo

I just think these are so much fun and so do the kids!

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  1. Would love to have the reindeers as stencils. Love them and all your work. Please think about making the reindeer into stencils , I would love to have a set.

    1. Hi Dee,Thank you! You can actually find a reindeer stencil on the Royal Design Studio website.

    1. The company carrying your decals said the 20% coupon was only good for this past weekend so I’m not sure what Jennifer was told, but unfortunately you’ll have to wait until Black Friday they will offer a discount then.

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