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Stenciled deer and garland table runner

Ok, just so you know, I have not totally gone off my rocker. I know it’s only October, but Kelly asked me to be a part of her count down to Christmas party which involves sharing a holiday project every Friday,

 for the next 10 Fridays until the fun fat man in the red suit appears (and I am not talking about my uncle Ray.).


While I cannot stomach the thought of the holidays in August, around mid-October my fingers start itching for  holiday decor .

Since my Christmas book just launched and today we are celebrating  the launch of my Christmas stencil line and Wallternative wall decals  from Royal Design Studio,

I have  a really pretty project for you! I though it would be fun to show you a project with some of my stencils.

It’s a stenciled deer and garland table runner!

Jennifer Rizzo reindeer stencil line

Jennifer Rizzo deer head table runner

It’s such a fun and easy project and I love the instant results.I bought the pre-made burlap table runner at Homegoods. For $12 it makes the perfect base.

I used Royal Design studio Royal cremes in Renaissance red and Bright gold. I love these paints, they have such a pretty,glittery iridescence which is perfect for the holidays.

The Stencils are two of just many of my favorites ;), The Reindeer Christmas stencil and the Garland stencil.

 Royal Design Studio has a ton of awesome modern stencils and of course some pretty amazing Christmas stencils if I do say so myself, but I might be a little bit biased.

Stencil a garland with royal cremes in bright gold

The first step is to plan where you would like your garland at and stencil the bright gold on using a circular motion. I just hold the stencil down with my one hand while I stencil with the other.

Clean the stencil flip it over and use it for the other side of the garland.

After the Bright gold dries, use the Renaissance red to stencil over the gold.To get the layered look, slightly off-set your stencil so the gold can peek out from underneath.

Garland stencil by Jennifer Rizzo

With painters tape, tape off the top part of the reindeer’s head.

Stenciled table runner with garland

and stencil in the head part in red, let dry and your table runner is all set!

Jennifer Rizzo deer head table runner

Just repeat on the other side and you have a custom table runner.

The collection has quite a few other stencils for customizing your decor too!


Like the Antlers stencil for pillows and towels!


The classic letter Christmas stencil for personalizing all of your holiday decor like stockings and gifts!


Tag stencils to add to towels, pillows and even plaques.


and trees for and stars making your own cards and wrapping paper!

I am so excited to share it with you! And I was honored to work with them. They are an amazing company!

Thanks for checking out my project! There are other talented ladies to visit for early holiday goodness.

And you can see my entire line of Christmas Stencils here. And right now you can save 20%  on Christmas stencils with the coupon code DECKTHEWALLS20 !





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  1. Hi Jen! LOVE your stenciled deer runner! How easy. This would make a gorgeous gift! I’m going to have to check out your beautiful stencil line… what I see so far is beyond fabulous!
    I ordered your book and can’t wait to pour over it when it gets here.
    I am over-the-moon happy for you! You have so much talent and style!!!!

    Happy Holidays… in October!

  2. I don’t have a blog but am big blog reader every day and a lot of each night. Hubs watches programs I don’t care for so come in here to pc to be enlightened. I get so much inspiration from blogs since I discovered them couple years ago. It’s a fantastic place to keep an old brain stimulated. I’m a senior crafter, 74. Have crafted and sewn most of my life. I didn’t inherit my Dads talent at oil painting but must have gotten some kind of artistic craving from him.
    The minute I saw your table runner I knew I had to make one for myself this year. Have couple already for Christmas. Love idea of being able to use the deer head stencil and possible other deer images on items.
    I love making pillow covers, framing things I make, table runners and so many other things. Oh yeah banners are another of my favorite things to make. I don’t need things, love making them and being creative every chance I get.
    Been hearing about,seeing things you’ve done for long time now. Congrats on your book and now your stencil line. How absolutely exciting for you. You have exceptional talent and style.
    Enjoy Fall and holiday seasons. Happy weekend too.

    If you decide to reply please do so to my email address

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