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10 Meaningful and Fun Gift Wrapping Ideas

Hi everyone! We have Jen from City Farmhouse here today! She is here to share meaningful and fun gift wrapping ideas filled with inspiration  that look amazing and will make packages your family can’t wait to open!


I am so happy to be here today contributing from my blog {City Farmhouse}, sharing 10 Fun & Meaningful Holiday Wrapping Ideas. Which hopefully is just in the knick of time for all of your holiday gift wrapping needs! The best part is that many of these ideas can be done anytime of the year to wrap presents with just a switch of the wrapping paper!

Meaningful and fun gift wrapping ideas

I am a paper & pattern freak, so my eyes are always peeled:). There are so many amazing wrapping papers out there! Here are a few tips for finding the perfect wrapping paper:

1. Look for prints & solids that are in the color scheme you love with varied designs, shapes & sizes. Think outside the box, it doesn’t have to be “holiday” paper, it can be anytime of year. You can also make your own wrapping paper using white roll butcher paper or kraft paper. I love neutrals, grays, tans, creams, silver, etc… I found these {above} in Home Goods.

Special gift wrapping with kraft paper and photographs and the word life above it

2. Use different textures for “ribbon.” Again, I like neutrals so I stuck with bakers twine, jute & yarn{hope that doesn’t make me boring, lol} Be creative, sometimes it is fun to overlap and wrap it around for a layered look. You can also use things like velvet or silk ribbon to really elevate your packaging. You can also take a piece of fabric in a fun pattern and cut it into strips to use as ribbon for your Christmas gifts.

Game cards and jingle bells used a gift wrap tags and packaging


3. Use something different for a clever gift tag such as vintage game cards, brown paper cut into shapes and decorated with stamps, and stick-on letters.

4. Hang small ornaments for a fun touch. You can also add candy canes, buttons and  jingle bells,  or go natural with orange slices, pine cones, pine sprigs, cinnamon sticks and other decorations for unique gift wrapping ideas.

Pine branches and photographs used for clever gift wrapping ideas

And here is my FAVORITE idea… 5. Use photos for gifts tags. These where made with Pic Monkey & printed on thick cardstock. This is so fun & a great conversation piece. The best part, you can use them as ornaments when your done. They really create a personalized look for your gift recipient.

Use pine cones and photos to create unique gift wrapping

6. And for fun gift toppers…Pom-Poms! Here is an easy tutorial, you can even involve your kids or grandchildren:).

7. When creating a paper gift tag with a creating look, try making Silhouettes, they add such a sweet touch. They are so easy to make and personalize. I made these a while a while ago and updated them at Pic Monkey. These can also become ornaments later for the Christmas tree.

Silhouettes and pine cones for a creative gift topper

Christmas gift-wrapping tip: If it’s last minute and you are short on regular gift wrapping, try a paper bag from the grocery store or paper lunch bags for smaller gift and stamps. You can also use tissue paper or any kind of crafting paper if it fits around your gift.


Gift creatively wrapped in kraft paper, pom poms and more with wonderful life above it

8. Bells are also a really fun element to add, just watch them around the little ones since it’s a choking hazard.

Jingle bells and vintage game cards for wrapping gifts


Gift wrapping with twine photos and craft paper

Silhouettes and Rosemary as wrapping gift embellishements

9. Tuck a piece of fresh greenery, boxwood, cypress, pine and even rosemary under your bow.

Twine and wood slices for gift wrapping idea

Wrap a gift with a wood slice and twine with a photo

10. Birch disks with wood burned initials  to make monograms make for a creative gifting wrapping idea that can be used as an ornament later.

Creative gift wrapping ideas with twine and photographs


The last thing, have FUN! Everyone loves to receive creative gifts thoughtfully wrapped. It doesn’t have to be perfect to be loved & appreciated:).

City Farmhouse Gift Wrapping ideas


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Thank you so much for having me today!

Happy Holidays from my family to yours!


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