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Dresser update with gold arrow drawer pulls

I was perusing the aisles of Hob Lob this week when I came across the cutest gold arrow drawer pulls. I knew they would be perfect for an instant update on Middle’s dresser.

cute arrow dresser handle

You can see the dresser here when it was first made over a few years ago.It still had the same girly flowery knobs on it, and while it was fine when they were babies, now that they are growing up, she want something much “cooler.” So, when I found the arrow pulls and the gold knobs, it was a good time to make a change.

Instant dresser update with new knobs and pulls

I actually really love the combo of white and gold. It has such a modern and clean feel to it even though it’s an old dresser.

White dresser with cute gold arrow knobs

The hardest part was getting them straight. And then I decided if they are not straight, I am not going to stress about it and I wasn’t drilling another hole. So there you go.

I just love the over all effect.

Cute vignette with owl and frame from Homegoods

I had the owl downstairs I bought from Homegoods a few years ago, and move it up to her room.I think it looks cute there, and I picked up a fun frame at Homegoods too.

UPdate a vintage lamp woth gold spray paint

The lamp is a vintage lamp I sprayed with gold spray paint for an instant update.

I want to find some fun art for over her dresser or maybe a mirror, I haven’t decided yet.

She loves the new look and how grown up it is. She is my vintage-things hater (Gasp!). She was very happy it wasn’t flowers and the old antique pulls any more. 🙂

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  1. Love the arrows. We are trying to find some and have a Hobby lobby where we live. Do you have an item # we could take to the store so they could order these for us? Thank you,

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