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Craft Paint on Fabric? Yes! Hand-painted Abstract Curtains

The second room I designed in the Love Your Neighbor house was the kid’s playroom. They have 4 girls ranging from 2 years old up to 10, so I wanted to make it a room they could all use, and use for a long time. While I love doing a fun subject matter, I’ve learning that kids quickly grow out of Disney characters and princesses. Color however, can last a long time and be easily changed out. We also had the issue of a reaaaaalllly long window (112 inches) that we wanted to put privacy curtains on. I had found some really awesome poofs for the kids to sit on, but I couldn’t find window coverings that I loved to go with them, so I decided to paint my own fun and colorful window coverings, and I used craft paint. The question is, can you use craft paint on fabric? Yes! I did for these hand-painted abstract curtains for the playroom. Once you have the colors, it’s just a matter of painting shapes such as circles, half-circles, dots and random blobs. It should be fun and free feeling!

Play room with hand painted curtains



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You can see beforehand it’s just  a plain room. Since every space is on a budget, LYN relies heavily on donated home goods. Everything in this room was a donation, the only new items were the poofs and the curtains.

Bookshelf in before playroom

Since we had the furniture, it was a matter of filling it in with color and fun stuff.

Playroom before handpainted drapery

I used ordinary DecoArt craft paint (the colors are: Tangerine,Antique Gold, Colonial Blue,  Spiced Pumpkin,Desert Cactus,Georgia Clay, Warm Beige, Burnt Orange. You can find them here on Amazon.). One question I was asked when I posted this on IG was “Do you always need a fabric paint when painting fabric?” The answer is no, you can use craft paint on fabric (especially if you’re in a pinch) and here’s why…

Paints colors used on DIY hand painted abstract curtains

Using a fabric paint or a using a fabric paint additive like a textile medium helps keep the paint soft, and for it to have resiliency when washing and adhesion to the fabric. I knew that wasn’t an issue for these curtains, and it was ok if the texture was a little bit rough. I wanted that “brushed” on look in some places. The paint wasn’t going to be thick enough to be “crunchy” or hard.

Hand painted abstract curtains in playroom

If you’re painting something with a heavier coat of regular acrylic paint and need custom colors the fabric paint doesn’t come in, and want it to feel soft, use a textile medium.

Hand painted abstract curtains in a play room

And if you think you are going to be painting on something that is going to be worn or washed always use fabric paint or a textile medium additive. Even though bright colors aren’t what I tend to use at home, the playroom for the Love Your Neighbor house has to be fun and cheery, right? It was fun to step out of my comfort zone a bit and go super bold with these custom hand-painted abstract curtains for such a great cause.  I  am going to be partnering with them again, so I’ll share those rooms too, and some of the other designer’s rooms too.


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