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The Creative Connection and Creative Women

While I had a great time at the Junk Bonanza, for me, the excitement truly set in when I took a side trip over to the Creative Connection. For a first year it was amazing! I met so many creative women who are running their own businesses and making beautiful lives. It was really empowering to be among such a talented group of creatives!
Vintage shoe and nest display

 There was so much to see at the Etsy marketplace! I wish I had signed up for some classes after I saw how cool it was and who the speakers were. I think it would have been amazing to attend some of them.
Vintage dress and photograph
 It really made me want to go home and create, seeing how everyone in the Etsy Marketplace set up their booths.
VIntage barn banner for retail display
  I met such nice artists and bloggers, and loved seeing how they were building their businesses.
Lisa Leonard and Jennifer Rizzo


The gorgeous and talented Lisa Leonard who was sweet enough to give us a little present.
Jewelry display


Lovely booths and wares. I really loved this jewelry display with the bracelets and necklaces draped over cloches and the Santos Doll.
Two women photographers
 Traci the supermodel who never take a bad picture ( I’d hate ya if I didn’t love ya 😉  and the famous Fancy Farmgirl-Tiffany herself!

Jennifer Rizzo and Mary Jane Butters

 And my most exciting and star struck moment of the day! One of my idols, Mary Jane Butters herself  from Mary Jane’s Farm who is as real and organic as she comes across in her magazine! It was a big day for this organic girl grass-fed eating girl!
Jennifer Hayslip
Super sweet Jennifer Hayslip, who I love all of the pinkness and sweetnes she creates.
Dress form with jewelry on it


Debbie Egizio


Artwork by my good and talented friend Debbie Egizio, who I adore everything she does. She is so talented!
 Here’s another one that NEVER takes a bad pictures. Rebecca’s booth was incredible!
Ladies in a car for Junk Bonanza
 Tamara came all the way from Australia for the Junk Bonanza show and I met the super nice Margo.
 And Suzanne and her daughter  who I met at the first Nada farm sale. Which reminds me, wait till you see what we are doing at the barn!
Vintage display with frames and lace at a show
 I have to say, sign me up  for next year!  This was such a great event with a creative connection and creative women! I am soooo there! It’s a crazy week. Nada Farm sale is coming up fast. My kitchen floor was ripped out yesterday and the cabinets are going out tomorrow. There’s nothing like being stuck with 3 kids in a 400 square foot sub-level space while chaos and dust swirls around you and you prepare for a show. I have to take back all that I ever said about wanting to live like Little House on the Prairie. I am going to change that to Medium-sized house on the prairie… with lots of wine. 

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  1. Hey Jen, looks like you met some of my SB girls…see you soon at Anne Marie’s! We never had our little get together! Well maybe after the Barn Sale!

  2. Glad you had such a wonderful time. I’m with you …. I’m making plans to participate in next year’s Creative Connection event. I’m green with envy that you got to meet Mary Jane, she’s one of my heroines! My shop is filled with aprons that are designed from inspiration I got from her.

    See you at the Nada Farm Ball Gown event.

  3. i want to go back.

    i just posted my cc pix yesterday. it was such a great experience. can’t wait til next year.

    i will see you next tuesday at anne maries. i am coming out to give you girls a hand.

  4. oh maybe next year i’ll find the courage to get on a plane! i would love to go and meet you all!! hope you survive the chaos 🙂 good luck with your sale!! susan

  5. Oh wow, what an inspirational time for antiques and crafts! Where do you find these shows? I think we need some here near Central PA and Philadelphia!


    Bella Rosa Antiques

  6. oh.my.goodness!! the goods looked fabulous not to mention all those ladies!!
    so wish i could join you on the 8th…can’t wait to see what you girls come up with!!

  7. oh.my.goodness!! the goods looked fabulous not to mention all those ladies!!
    so wish i could join you on the 8th…can’t wait to see what you girls come up with!!

  8. Hello my little pocket sized friend! Wonderful pictures!!! I know you must be sooooo busy right now getting ready for Nada…call me when you can 🙂 Missed ya!

    Hugs ~

    🙂 T

  9. Gosh, I so wish I
    could go to the
    Barn Sale! I am
    lucky enough to say
    that I DO have a Jen
    Rizzo original from
    the last one, though!
    You are so talented.
    And sweet and pretty,
    too. It was wonderful
    seeing you again at the
    JB party and at the CC!
    xx Suzanne

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