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Vintage and Rustic Estate Sale Decor

I want to thank everyone for sharing their stories and journey’s with me on Friday; I felt so inspired when I read your comments! I wanted to share with you some of my recent vintage and rustic estate sale decor finds. I was so excited when I found some of these items. I always love a good estate sale find!
Red rosed in vintage blue canning jars

This weekend, I was able to get out  and hit a few garage sales and estate sales. I love how things just come together sometimes!
Vintage blue canning jars in a jar carrier for rustic decor
I had found the vintage bottle carrier when I went to the flea market last weekend with Tracey, but the blue vintage canning jars I found this weekend, for 50 cents a piece on half price day and they fit perfectly! They are the prefect shade of blue and I know I am going to get a ton of use decorating with them.
Vintage canning jars as vases with red flowers
I am supposed to be buying stuff for the Nada Sale, but I might have to keep this one. I don’t know if i can part with it!
White enamel pitcher and a vintage wood ironing board
I found an old ironing board and enamelware pitcher. The lady wanted to sell me the matching urinal, but I had to “just say no” on that one. It is in such great shape though and a bouquet of home grown flowers would be perfect on a table!
Milk crate and old milk bottles with mint and yellow flowers
A vintage milk bottle carrier with some on the tiny milk bottles. Again, I might not be able to part with it. This is a pretty amazing vintage metal decor piece. It’s in such great shape too!
Vintage milk bottles on a window sink ledge with flowers
Plus the bottles look so cute lined up on my window sill with mint and marigolds inside!
VIntage metal measuring can
The old oil can was a flea market find. I think it would be so pretty with some lavender or roses in it, or even dogwood or crab apple branches for fall. These are such fun  vintage and rustic estate sale decor!
Silver platter
And I loved these silver platters, they have so many uses from decor to display. I used them in my Vintage Tea Collection.


Especially this one. It’s really cool with the engraving! I wonder what someone won it for? These vintage and rustic estate sale finds are also so fun with imagining their history !

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  1. Ooooh Jen you had me at “estate sale finds!”

    The carriers are great… they would be hard to part with.

    There is something timeless about the trays too. Always a great way to bring the atmosphere up a notch to “elegeant.”

    Fun finds!

    Bella Rosa Antiques

  2. I made a good haul on Friday at a thrift I hit every few months. I posted about it yesterday. I’m still cleaning out the 22 mini apothecary jars I snagged for $3. 🙂

    I don’t think I could sell any of your finds….delicious!

  3. What fun finds! I especially like the vintage bottle carrier full of blue jars. I wasn’t able to hit a yard sale this weekend, and I feel like I’m running out of time and good weather!

  4. OMG, girl…I had the find of the weekend today. I am going to try to get a pic of it tomorrow to post. Probably no big deal to most people, but I am smitten with a medical cabinet I found in the trash today. Chippy old gray paint, too. Love. Pure love.

    I did get your message, you sweet thing. I’ll give you a call tomorrow.


  5. Hi, Your photos are great. I loaded up the car at an auction on Friday night. Great way to start the weekend. I have found so many great things at the auctions, estate sales and thrift stores lately that my storage area is full waiting for a space in the shop. The find of the weekend was an eight foot long french gray and white cupboard sideboard. Can’t wait for the delivery.

  6. Oh how I miss auctions and estate sales. We just don’t have them in metro Atlanta. Probably a good thing, as I would be bankrupt. LOL. YOu found some wonderful treasure. SEa Witch

  7. Hi Jen,

    Can’t wait to see ya in a few days – can you believe it? The blogger bash is shaping up to be such a great event! Looking forward to catching up. Safe travels.

  8. I so enjoyed meeting you gals this past week-end at Junk Bonanza and at the blogging party.
    Love the two carriers you found shown in this post and agree with you that you jut might need to keep these. 😉 They’re awesome.

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