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Cute She-Shed Holiday Makeover

I can’t really lay claim to my shed considering it holds really un-fun stuff like a lawn mover and rakes, but I could still give it a cute she-shed holiday makeover. I can’t believe we’ve lived here as long as we have, and I’ve never made it even a little bit cute in the winter. I’m actually excited to see how it looks with a little snow on the ground this winter.

Shed before decorating

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Our spring plans will be to give this guy a coat or two. For now, we’ll add a little holiday cheer. I first draped the eves of the shed with a pine garland from the home improvement store. You can watch a video of the entire process start to finish, and continue onto the post for more details.


Adding branches to a planter

For my planter, I dumped out most of the dirt from one in the front and pulled it to the back. I added some pine branches clipped from one of the trees in our yard. I stuck some red twig dogwood, and branches that were spray painted white into the dirt to hold them in place. Once the pot freezes, they won’t go anywhere (This planter is metal, so I’m not so worries about it freezing. I wouldn’t do this in a ceramic planter.). A few years ago,I decided to start planting a winter cutting garden, and it’s nice to be able to finally have some trees and shrubs that are big enough to use.

Dressing up a planter with greenery and twigs

After the planter and garland, I propped a cool, old sled one of my friends gave me and added a wreath made from the excess garland.

Dressing up a shed for the holidays

Earlier this year, we added some cute solar lanterns. They aren’t super bright, but I like that it adds some charm to the shed. And so far, they’ve even charged with our overcast winter here.

Solar lanterns on a shed

Upclose of shed solar lantern

I had a few extra plastic ornaments from our tree I tied on the makeshift wreath to dress it up a bit.

Sled and vintage numbers next to a she shed

Outdoor shed with holiday decor

It makes me happy to go out in the yard and see a bit of something happy. Dressing it up and giving it a cute she-shed holiday makeover was just the thing for our yard!

Shed decorated for the holidays

Have you ever decorated a shed or a deck for your outdoor decor? One year I decorated our deck, and it makes me want to do it again this winter!

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  1. Amazing how a few greens and a bit of time help turn the shed into a sweet Christmas flavored attraction. Loveit.

  2. We had our house painted this Fall and we painted our shed first to see how we liked the colors we were choosing since the shed and house would match. When my husband bought the shed it came with cute window boxes that really add charm. One issue we ran into when we painted our shed was that we had some rot which is common on these types of sheds with T-11 siding. The rot was mainly on the bottom of the shed where over time moisture and water had done damage. My husband fixed it by adding in metal pieces on the bottom and painting them. So dont be surprised when you go to paint your shed you dont have some rot that has to be repaired first before you paint.

    1. Thank you for letting me know! I wouldn’t be surprised if there were some bad boards here and there!

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