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Cardboard Roll Craft Garland: DIY Quilled-Paper Inspired Garland and Star

You would think I would be more embarrassed to ask my friends and neighbors for their old toilet paper tubes for this cardboard roll craft garland (that’s  paper-quilled inspired), but I’m not. I have no shame. I just had an idea I was so excited about that even though I have three girls (and go though about a pack of toilet paper a week), it wasn’t fast enough in the time frame that I needed. Though after this year, most of us should have a lot of these hanging around. Especially after the great TP panic of 2020. Luckily, when I made this, most neighbors are used to my weirdo requests so for a while I was a cardboard collection site and built quite a stash for my project. 🙂  If you’ve ever wondered what can you make out of cardboard rolls as a craft for Christmas… this project answers that question!

Make an easy garland with cardboard rolls including tp and paper towel rolls!!! It looks like quilled-paper or a metal garland. Couch with pillows and a white mirror over the top with a boxwood wreath and cardboard garland

I can’t wait to share this project with you because it turns out so cool, looks high-end for a bunch of cardboard tubes glued together, and it cost almost nothing to make. It’s actually a really green  easy craft too, because it uses up something most people don’t even bother to recycle, they just throw away. It’s really a trash to treasure type of DIY.

Turn thses cardboard rolls into a paper quilled inspired garland fora fun holiday craft!

You will need about 30 toilet rolls or paper towel rolls. Start asking. You can really get the kids on board too with some toilet paper roll crafts.

Cut TP rolls into 1 inche pieces od flatten so they become oval in shape

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Cut the paper towel tubes/toilet paper tubes as evenly as you can into 1/2 inch sections with a pair of scissors. They should be easy to cut a part since the cardboard isn’t as thick as a craft roll from something like wrapping paper.

Glue the first 3 pieces of cardboard roll slightly staggered on the edges together

To make the garland, start at the  top and glue the cut cardboard roll sections in this slightly off set flower pattern.This could be a cute craft for kids too, and keep them busy. You can use a dot of hot glue on each piece to hold your chain, but I found white tacky glue works just as well, it just has a slightly longer dry time.

Glue pieces alternately making a long chain in your cardbaord roll garland

Start adding and gluing pieces of cardboard alternately. As it builds it snakes around a little. It’s ok to have it bend a little, but keeping the cardboard chain as straight as possible while drying will make your chain look the best.

Glue outward for star created out of cardboard toilet paper tubes

I glued them in a star pattern to create an accent piece to go with the garland. These would se so cute to hang in a kid’s room for the holiday season. They end up looking like a cross between cardboard stars and snowflakes.

Conitue to add pieces working outward to create a cardbaord tube star or snowflake

Working your way out to the edge, you can make your star or snowflake as big as you like. These  After the glue is dried, paint with gold spray paint in a well ventilated area. I did mine in the yard. You could paint this with craft paints, but spray paint is faster. These almost look like metal sculptures when you are done. These would also be really cool in fun and bright colors.

Make a quilled-paper inspired garland with toilet paper rolls and gold spray paint styled over a yellow couch with holiday pillows and a boxwood wreath draped over a mirror

Once it’s dry, hang! I styled my cardboard roll garland by draping it over a mirror. It has a very gentle bend to it. On the mirror I hung a boxwood wreath and put the cardboard star over it.

Paper quill inspired garland made with toilet paper rolls as holiday decor on a mirror with a boxwood wreath and cardboard star

It’s hard to believe it’s made from cardboard craft rolls. I love how it looks so simple! It really looks like it’s made from metal.  This cardboard roll craft garland definitely a winner in the toilet paper tube crafts hall of fame.

Cute gold garland made with tp rolls spray painted gold as a cardboard garland

Ignore me, just standing there, taking a picture.

Garland and wreath made with TP rolls and paper towels rolls painted gold with a boxwood wreath for holiday decorating made with cardboard

I put the large one over my boxwood wreath to make it pop a bit.

This wreath is made with cardboard paper rolls, it looks like metal!

This is one of my favorite no to low cost cardboard craft project. Cardboard is a such a great medium to make things out of and with all of the deliveries we get,  there is certainly a surplus!

Garland made with tp rolls painted gold looks like quilled paper or metal

I love something that is so inexpensive, but looks really pricey. So start calling your neighbors!!! Tell them you need their toilet paper rolls… it’s for Christmas decor and see what they say!

Want more holiday craft and decorating ideas? Check out my book Creatively Christmas!


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