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Easy DIY Faux Eucalyptus Wreath

I love Fresh eucalyptus and I wish it lasted longer than an it does! I love buying big, green bunches of it when it’s in season, and putting it around my home. Since the wide leaf kind (Silver Dollar)doesn’t dry very well,  I wanted to show you how to make a DIY faux eucalyptus wreath that you can enjoy all year with faux silver dollar eucalyptus stems. This wreath used two faux eucalyptus stems,and luckily,  they can be found fairly inexpensively. You can make this on a wreath hoop to make a skinny wreath, or a traditional wire floral wreath form to make it fuller.

Make a faux eucalyptus wreath Jennifer Rizzo This wreath tutorial is fast and easy and you’ll be making these in no time!

To make a DIY faux eucalyptus wreath with faux eucalyptus stems, you’ll need four things :

Supplies for making a faux eucalyptus wreath Jennifer Rizzo

A 12-inch  macrame or embroidery hoop, stems of faux eucalyptus, fishing line or clear thread, and tacky glue (or wire and wire cutters if you want to use that instead.)

To make a DIY faux eucalyptus wreath, tie a clear thread around the bottom of a stem Jennifer Rizzo

Start by pulling your stem a part into sections. Cut a long length of clear thread (about 15 inches), and knot the clear thread around the base of one of the faux stems. Using a green floral wire will also work, but the nice thing about the clear thread is it really gets lost in the greenery.

Wrap faux stem to gold wreath for a DIY faux eucalyptus wreath Jennifer RIzzo

Hold the stem to your hoop, and start wrapping the  thread around both the hoop and stem together, working your way up. Just before wrapping the top of the stem, add another one against it , layering them slightly, and start wrapping again.

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Use a drop of glue to hold faux stems in place for eucalyptus wreath Jennifer Rizzo

When you’ve layered your faux eucalyptus stems all the way around the hoop, tie the  clear thread and add a drop of glue to hold them in place on your wreath form.

Faux eucalyptus wreath DIY on a macrame ring Jennifer Rizzo

When my faux eucalyptus wreaths were finished, I hung mine with twine tied at the top, but it could almost hang right off of the ring it’s on. This would be such a great seasonaless decoration for a front door.

Coffee table setting with seeded eucalyptus

This picture is from last winter when I had a gorgeous bunch of it in my living room. It’s so nice to bring the green in when it’s so dreary outside!


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