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Easy DIY Christmas Pillow (From a Stocking!)

If you love a cute holiday project, and something that takes under an hour to make, this Easy DIY Christmas Pillow (from a stocking!) will be right up your alley! Stockings aren’t only for the holiday mantel and this is one of those crafts that is super festive and no sewing machine is required… I adore these kinds of handmade holiday ideas! There is a full tutorial video below on how to make this pillow using your own Christmas stocking or a store purchased one and how to embellish it with a cute pom-pom or the tassel with the ribbon and wood beads. This cute Christmas pillow will really add a bit of holiday cheer to your home!

DIY Christmas Stocking Pillow

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Christmas bedroom with boxwood wreath and pink bedding

This DIY Christmas Pillow stocking project is so easy, and pretty much no-sew unless you want to keep it forever (Because it’s no-sew it’s not suitable to be around small kids or pets that might chew on it.).  Since it’s a no-sew project, this is a great project if you have an old vintage stocking you want to use and not ruin, and you want to do something with it other than keep it in a box packed away at the holidays. I know a lot of us have old Christmas stockings that hold a lot of memories. This is also a great upcycle for a thrift store stocking.

Christmas bedroom with a stocking pillow

To make this DIY pillow , you’ll need a purchased or your own stocking, scissors, polyfil or cotton pillow fill from the craft store or fabric stores (I’ve also used the fill from old existing pillows and saves the extra cost), safety pins, ribbon, yarn tassels, (a needle and thread if you want to make it permanent, or even a glue gun on the edge) and some beaded accessories or other pieces. I found the faux fur stocking at the store for $9 and it was on sale for half off. This is such an inexpensive way to make cute holiday decor and not a bad deal for something that could share family memories and could cost up to $30 or $40 in the store! How sweet would monogrammed pillows be on everyone’s bed for the holidays, or just a couple scattered on living room couches for the holidays?

Find the DIY stocking supplies here.

Turn a stocking into a Christmas pillow with stuffing and a safety pin

To make this holiday pillow start by stuffing the inside of the stocking with fiber fill or poly-fill stuffing all of the way to the toe by hand. If your hand is on the larger sides, the easiest way to get the stuffing all of the way into the toe is to use the stick at comes with the fill or a dowel rod to push it all of the way to the end. Once the stocking is stuffed as full as you would like it, use a safety pin to pin the top together. If you want to make this more kid or pet friendly (so they can’t get to the stuffing.) you can hand sew by adding a straight stitch across the top of the stocking to make it more permanent.

Making an easy diy no sew Christmas Stocking

Once the top is pinned or stitched, you can then attach an embellishment to the one end of the top of the stocking. I pinned mine on, but you can also sew it. I added a tassel and beads (pom poms, buttons or jingle bells would be cute too!). You can also add other accents like fun pom pom trim or or other trims with hot glue by sewing long the stocking cuff.

You could also do something similar to a holiday place mat and turn it into a sort of pillow or pillow cover. This makes a great gift too!

I hope you enjoyed this DIY Christmas Stocking Pillow project and this episode of  Let’s Make Something! Do you love making Christmas decorations, crafts, or DIY Christmas gifts for the holiday season? For more Christmas tutorials:

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Easy DIY Christmas Stocking Pillow


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