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Dining area makeover-living in a small space

I had really wanted to paint my dining area in the worst way since I had rearranged it.. it had become a train wreck of faux finish and jumbled furniture… I had to admit, I liked the new set up, but I was embarrassed by how it looked yet never had the time to do anything about it.I decided to finally take an opportunity to work on my own space.. finally… I know it’s  along way off from where I want it, but still, it’s much better than it was! It was time for a dining area makeover. This space is 11 x 16. It’s not very wide, but has  a little bit of length to it.

This is my icky, yucky space before hand. Bad eating area, bad!

 Thank you to my good friend Nicola for helping me paint
Some “New to me” yard sale chairs..

The room from a far with it’s dark color and CLUTTER. Ack!My eyes! My eyes! It’s blinding me!


a small space can be a sitting area

when you have a small, but long space, make sure to designate different areas instead of having everything jumbled around.

Ahhh… much brighter. I love that wonderful Benjamin Moore Aura paint…You know they will color match any color in it? Fabulous!
Less cluttered

I have a story about this little red cabinet for later…

I am calling this my artsy book stack, but really it’s a bunch of books I had no place to put..
SO what do you think?  You have to work with what you have, right? I wish I had a better camera to truly embrace the full effect, in daylight it’s so nice too… I have to tell you though, I am having  a hard time not hanging more things on the walls and getting more artsy..  but I like  how crisp it looks so for now I am resisting the urge, maybe I should give up over-accessorizing for Lent. I have a few more little things I want to do,like swap out the chandelier for a semi-flush mount and add some molding.. but all in good time.. all in good time…
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