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Mother’s day party idea photo shoot

A few years ago I did a photo shoot for an on-line magazine for a Mother’s Day party idea. I thought you might enjoy taking a peek at some of the pictures, even the ones that didn’t make the magazine spread. I set it up in my main dining room area. I pulled the faux mantle from from our living room at the time, and set up a plate wall display. Remember when those were really popular?

Ceramic vintage plate wall display

I found a ton of cool vintage plates at Goodwill and used plate hangers on the back to hang them.

Vintage plates and tea cups for mantle decor

I also took two teacups and made a vase out of them for my flowers. Super easy and cute!

Make an upcycled vase from two thrift store tea cups

And I liked how the old lamp bases looked  with out their shades.

repurosed vintage tablecloths into a new upcycled tablecloth

I took a few old vintage tablecloths I had that were really stained, ripped and unusable, and cut and sewed the printed flowers onto a new white tablecloth to make kind of  a patchwork/applique style table covering.

Vintage tablecloth repurposed into new one using the patterns as appliques

It ended up being a  pretty cool up-cycling project!

DIY cloth napkins made from recycled vintage tablecloths,perfect for a Mother's day party idea!

I also cut part of one into smaller napkins under the vintage fork. It was a great way to use the entire thing. I also used those thrift store mismatched plates on my main table as well. I love having my dinnerware not match.Then I don’t stress when the kids break one loading the dishwasher.

Use a Pretty tea cup to hold desserts, and mismatched vintage dishes as a table setting at a tea party

I used a tea cup for my dessert. It looked pretty and just made a simple dessert look really elegant.

Fast and easy tea cup dessert

Pudding, a fancy cookie and white shipped cream,how much easier can it get?

FOr wasy party food make tea sandwiches from store bought items

I decided to make my photo shoot a Mother’s day tea party, because it’s so easy to out together.

Easy party idea make tea snadwiches from premade spreads

I made my tea sandwiches from pre-made containers of chicken salad and salmon salad. So easy and yummy. Just press the bread slightly to flatten it and cut off the crusts!

Country pate,English mustard and pickles with rustic bread as an easy,casual appetizer

I also served one of my favorites which I know is not for everybody; county pate, a rustic mustard, sour pickles and crusty french bread. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Use cake plates of varying heights to serve sandwiches on

I also loved using fresh flowers and even tangerines with the stems on them to brighten up the table. I also made  a little more room on the table by using varying height cake plates to serve my sandwiches on.

Pink hyacinths look pretty in vintage blue canning jars as vases

The thing I loved most of all were these cut hyacinth’s in vintage canning jars. I just love the pink against the light aqua blue. I hope you enjoyed this peek  at the Mother’s day party idea!

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