How to make your own faux clay tile with paper clay,a wood plaque and paint…..

Here’s a fun DIY decorative faux clay tile for you!

making a faux tile with paper clay

I love using a product called Paperclay.
It says it will stick to any surface, it did pretty good to the wooden plaque ($1.99) but I found by wetting the wood, it stuck even better.

How to make your own faux decorative tile with paperclay,use  a pencil for making marks in the clay

I used sharpened pencil to make the leaf lines and then I flattened them. I ended up not liking it, so (I cheated and)I pulled out a stamp I had and used that instead. It stamped really well, which opened up the possibilities for even more projects…
adhere paper clay to a wood baord to make a faux tile
After finishing the plaque I found it took only about 6 hours to dry. And I thought initially that I was going to blow through 8 oz. of the clay really fast. The whole plaque only took me about 2 oz. so there is plenty for another project.
I painted with an acrylic off-white base coat with craft paint.
Paint over paperplay when dry to look like faux tile
glazed with a plain brown craft paint (Burnt Umber anyone?),
glaze a faux tile with brown craft paint
then wiped some off to give it an aged look.
wipe off excess paint for an aged look on faux tiles
I found I really liked this product a lot, it was fun to work with and molded really well. This project was great because it was way under $10.. it would be easy to do a set of 3 tiles for under $12.00
.How to make your own faux decorative tile with paperclay and glazing
I will probably seal it to keep out moisture since it is paper-based, but I have a few other projects in mind now…swimming around in that hyper-active head of mine…I can picture some Halloween themes now as I speak. I bet you could even do this ON a pumpkin or make some cool bats to hang somewhere. What about  a fake hand.. or should I say faux?
How to make your own faux decorative tile with paperclay,glazing and paint
I actually featured this craft on my TV show….
. Did you know I taped a TV show early last spring? It’s only local, but it was fun. It’s about the art in our  area. It’s still in editing. I didn’t know that TV took so long to do. I co-hosted and got to do my own crafting segment which was really cool, an actual dream come true. After that I was bitten by the bug and would love to do it big time, if HGTV ever comes calling, I’ll be ready 😉 !..
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