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DIY mini succulent planter with faux succulents

As a part of the Micheal’s Maker challenge this month, I am going to show you how I made a cute DIY mini succulent planter from their faux succulents in their Flower Market.

I do not know what it is about succulents that are so adorable. But, they are the cutest!

The funny thing is for years I pretty much ignored them, now I can’t get enough! This is such an easy and fun project. You don’t even need a crafting gene to make it, it’s that easy!

Supplies to make DIY succulent planter

You need the mini succulent stems from the Flower Market, moss, white craft glue,scissors, and (affiliate link) Paper clay (one of my favorite products!).

Make a DIY mini succulent planter with faux succulents

Cut your Paper clay in to a square about 3 inches by 3 inches. Then, cut your mini-succulents off of the main bunch, leaving about 1/2 inch of stem.

Make a DIY mini succulent planter with faux succulents

I also picked up a little  faux air plant to use as a main focus and to build my little planter around. I just stuck mine in the clay, but, (if you are worried about them falling out) you can add a drop or two of white craft glue on the bottom to keep them in place after the clay dries.

Make a DIY mini succulent planter with faux succulents

Just keep adding and building them around each other in your clay base. The clay is very forgiving, so you can play with arrangement a bit.

Glue moss around your base of your mini succulent planter

Once you fill your base,glue moss around the bottom with your white glue. Leave the base of your clay exposed so it can dry over the next few days. You can rest it on a drying rack, or even just put a few wood craft sticks underneath so the air circulates.

Easy DIIY faux succlent planter

Once it’s dry your ready to use in your DIY mini succulent planter!

It kind of reminded me of a piece of cake so I thought I would style it that way for fun. I added a vintage cheese knife that’s my clay only knife. It actually works really well with the clay.

Make amini faux succulent planter

I love how the colors turned out. It helped that the stems I picked had shades of green and pinks.

Make a faux succulent planter with minis for an easy and fun decor idea

The small Sedums had a pretty undertone of yellow. I also like how the faux air plant adds a different texture.

Fun natural decor with this mini faxu succulent planter

For fake plants, these actually look quite realistic.

Make a DIY sucuclent planter with mini faux succulents

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