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Mid Century modern furniture makeover with paint

I have some very ugly and some very pretty to show you today with a Mid Century modern furniture makeover. My Mother-in-law recently went to supportive living, so there was a big swap in the family as we shuffled furniture around to make it work. her new independent living apartment is really small, we needed to figure out what was going to fit that she could use. I pulled some things from my house, as did my sister-in-law. And then traded pieces with each other. It could have been a total headache, but the moving company was very good about making multiple stops, so it ended up being a pretty smooth transition.

In the swapping around, ended up with a vintage hutch bottom. I am not sure if it’s Mid Century or Mediterranean, but if falls somewhere in that vintage style category.  It’s solid wood, and in great shape, and has a ton of storage space. I love it’s vibe as well.

Now, I am going to show you the ugly. Most people assume blogger’s home look like a magazine spread. The truth is,  I have messy, unorganized parts so my home. You can never walk in the laundry room, and my kids are complete pigs. I can’t wait for them to grow up so I can go to their houses, and leave old food bowls lying around, and throw old cheese sticks under their couches,and shred random paper and just leave it on the floor. #revenge.

So this was one of our messy, unorganized parts. Our downstairs living area where the kids hang out most of the time. Imagine that.

Basement before

We had a vintage dresser given to us years ago that served as our TV stand, a Wii balance board I bought to do yoga 3 years ago and have never actually used, and a plethora of crap piled on a book shelf. It just felt so messy all of the time, but I’m cheap and I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on something I knew my kids were going to beat the heck out of, so when the chance came up for the hutch base, I jumped on it.

Hutch before

Just having everything in one unit, and getting rid of the cheap bookshelf made a huge difference, but it still seemed a bit blah to me.I liked to wood, and didn’t want to paint over the entire thing. After doing a little on-line searching, I found a solution where I could showcase the detail, but make the piece seem a little more modern.

Mid Century Modern furniture makeover

Instead of painting the entire thing, I painted the frame only. I had some DecoArt Satin Enamel paint in white left over from another project so I used that.

Painted frame on furniture makeover leaving wood unpainted

I totally fell in love! It makes it look vintage, yet modern, and really highlights the details with this Mid Century Modern furniture makeover.

Vintage hutch makeover

And I actually love that it was way less work than painting the entire thing.

Updated mid century modern furniture makeover

It has this really cool vibe now that I love. And it has SO MUCH STORAGE. I actually have some empty drawers and space left.

Vintage cabinet makeover with boho vibe

On the other side of the cabinet, hubby drilled a hole in the back and we put our cable boxes in there so we don’t have to see all of that stuff. And the cords aren’t totally hidden, but they are tucked to the other side of the cabinet, so for the most part, you don’s see them.

Mid Century Modern furniture makeover

I even had a place for the Wii fitboard I never use. Ha ha.

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  1. That is incredible! I didn’t really care for the piece when you showed it yesterday but today love it! Also love how you and sis-in-law worked together for your mom-in-law. Sweet.

  2. That was a great choice to paint the trim. Spot on.

    PS. I’ve thought about blogging and will most likely do. Thank you for ur honesty about ur home. I did think all bloggers homes were perfect. And I thought how can I blog if my home is not perfect. Since surgery 5 months ago, my home is an undescrible mess. No kidding. Even my house needs recovery. Hah!

  3. I would say you made a great trade! Love the MCM credenza and how you finished it leaving most of the original finish with white highlights. It really makes it pop!

    I am curious, do you know if it has a manufacturers mark on it? I thought it was a Thomasville piece at first from the Mayan line but after looking at it more closely I think its from a different company. I was so happy when I recently scored a MCM Lane Acclaim two tier end table in very good condition for $40.00.

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