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Faux cherry blossom stems in mid-winter decor

Hi guys! I wanted to share with you these faux cherry blossom stems I found at Michaels. Living in a place that can become very drab in the winter time calls for a bit of indoor brightening up! I have used forced bulbs, and forced stem like Forsythia and Pussy Willow in the past, but they never last very long. I found these very real looking faux cherry blossom stems, and knew they would be perfect for the pink vase I found at Target!

Faux cherry blossom stems in decor

They look very bright and cheerful! I paired them with one of my favorite candles on a marble base. This was actually a base for a cake plate.The top was broken, so I bought the base on clearance, knowing it would be perfect to display on. I am a bit marble obsessed at the moment, which is why I even faux painted my marble island top.

Concret candle and pink vase on marble

I think I have candles in a lot of my pictures since the beginning of January. I am really embracing that Hygge.

I really hope our next home has a fireplace. It’s something I dream about.

Faux cherry blooms

These faux cherry blossom stems add such a brightness. It’s hard to get  a good picture with the gray days outside. It’s been really gloomy in Chicago. I am really missing that sun, it makes me want Spring to come even faster. I have some bulbs in my garage chilling, I might try to force in a week or two.

Faux cherry blossom stems for later winter decorating

For now, I’ll make do with my pretty faux cherry blossom stems.

Faux cherry blossom stems

I also have 2 Amaryllis bulbs getting ready to blooms. I’ll share those with you once they open, it seems like they’ve been green forever!

Faux cherry blossoms and a boho eating area

I like the faux cherry blooms, and I’ll probably use them in different places around my house for a while. I might still try to force some real ones once Trader Joe’s get them in, but until then, I’ll make do with my fake ones. 🙂


  1. Those candles smell sooooo good! There were so many new awesome smelling candles at Target that I left without any cause I couldn’t decide on one!

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