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Dollar Store Mummy DIY Halloween Candy Bowl

In this fun tutorial, I wanted to share with you a  cute Dollar Store mummy DIY Halloween candy bowl to delight your trick or treaters with! This is one of those inexpensive crafts that is not only fun, but makes Halloween a little less scary for little kids. I called this a mummy because of the wrapping at the arms, but without the skeleton arms, it could be a ghost candy dish. Every item was bought at the Dollar Tree, so  it’s a $5 treat bowl!

Halloween mummy treat bucket  made from items from the dollar store like crepe paper and plastic bowls made to look like a cute mummy

To create this fun bowl as a treat dish, or just Halloween decor, for craft supplies you’ll need two large plastic bowls, low temp hot glue or tacky white craft glue, glue dots, white crepe paper, googly eyes, and skeleton arm serving tongs. While I bought my plastic bowls at the Dollar store, if you have left over party supplies, you might even have some household items you can make this out of!

Dollar store Halloween supplies for mummy treat bucket  using skelton arms, googly eyes, crepe paper and two plastic bowls

Start by hot gluing with low melt temperature glue the top and bottom of he bowl together. It’s important to use low melt glue so you don’t melt the plastic bowls. White tacky glue can also be used, but the dry time is longer and it may not be as secure. I don’t know about your kids, but mine (even as teenagers) are a little rough when it comes to candy. Nothing stands in their way!

After gluing the two bowls together, also run a bed of glue around the entire area where they meet. once mine were glued together, they weren’t moving.

Glue two bowls together with low melt glue gun or white tacky glue to create a DIY candy bowl

The next step is to start wrapping the crepe paper around booth bowls. This is where it can get a little tricky, because it’s not exactly an even surface to wrap around. The glue dots help hold the crepe paper at key points to the bowls.

use a glue dot to attach the crepe paper to the mummy bowl base to hold the crepe paper in  place when wrapping the mummy bowl

Wrap the surface until completely covered. and add the glue dots where needed to tack the crepe paper. They really made it easier,especially as the layers of crepe paper started to layer up.

Wrap crepe paper around two glued together plastic bowls to create a mummy bowl base

Just keep wrapping and wrapping to create a bulk of paper. If you want to wrap less, you can spray paint the bowls on the outside first. Secure the end with a glue dot to hold it in place.

Use glue dots to add googly eyes to crepe paper to bowl while wrapping

Once your mummy is “wrapped”, use a glue dot on the back of two large googly eyes for eyeballs to make the mummy face.

Glue skeleton hands to bowl

Our Dollar Tree is such a great resource for inexpensive decor and craft supplies. It had all kinds of plastic spiders, skulls, and items for Halloween crafts. One thing is als0 had was these fun skeleton arms serving tongs. I thought they would make the perfect arms for my mummy DIY Halloween candy bowl. I’m not sure if he’s holding his arms up in fright, or a headache from eating too many peanut butter cups.

Halloween mummy treat bucket made from items from the dollar store like crepe paper and plastic bowls made to look like a cute mummy

After the arms were added, I did one more wrap around the arms of the base of the bowl and used another glue dot to secure it. After that, it was candy time! For Halloween, I am going to add some battery operated tea lights, or green glow sticks in the base to make it a eerie green. This project is easily changed up by using orange crepe paper for a pumpkin, or green for a goblin. You can also glue a plastic skull mask on the front like this fun project.