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Doodled upcycled globe

When I designed the studio for the designer’s showhouse, I wanted to put a lot of special touches in it. I wanted it to feel like a creative space with lots of little interesting things to see.

I find vintage globes at yard sales and thrift stores all of the time, and I thought  it would be fun to do an upcycled globe for the space.

Globes are kind of a fun choice for art because where else can you find a round canvas?

I started off by carefully pulling the globe off of it’s stand and then spray painting it in a matte finish paint with  primer built in.

upcycled hand painted globe

Once it  was dry I knew there were so many things I could do, but I was inspired to just take a gold paint, and section it off.

I doodled the different seasons on it, so no matter what way it turned, there as something different to see.

After the paint pen was dried, I put it back on the stand.

doodled mountains on an upcycled globe an easy art project

I circled the top with clouds as the sky.This section has winter mountain view.Use a gold paint pen to decorate

 A little sun grew some flowers.

section off and draw seasons

and a little rain fell, with a night sky right next to it. The moon and stars sparkled just a bit.

winter into summer inspiraiton globe

Just like in Chicago,  snow fell right next to Spring. 🙂

This is a great beginners art project, especially with the doodling because any one can do it.Doodling is so organic, it doesn’t have to feel perfect and should feel very free and messy.

If you can find a globe for a few dollars, this would be a great project to try. It’s very easy to repaint if the results aren’t what you want at first.

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  1. Hi Jennifer,

    I am an artist/designer from Poulsbo Wa. I noticed in your craft area that you have 2 spinner storage racks for 2oz bottles of craft paint. I would REALLY love to know where to find 2 of them as I need storage for over 300 bottles of paint. Any ideas you have would be helpful:)

    Linna Lawrence

    1. HI Linna. I actually found mine at Michaels, but I’ve also seen them at Dick Blick.

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