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DIY yarn fringe pillow

One thing I noticed about the runway last and this season was how popular fringe was. Fashion runs 6 months to a year  ahead of home decor, so I expect to see it popping up everywhere in the next few season. I also expect the phrase “Like a boss” tacked onto the end of every sentence. Watch for it, it’s coming.

I thought I would kick it off by making some fun yarn fringe pillows for the designer show-house. These are going to be  a part of my bedroom turned “artist studio ” on the second floor.

I love making pillows so this was a no-brainer for me.

I love these, but those of you with cats and little kids might want to think about the “yarn factor”. If my kids were any younger, I would come downstairs one day and the fringe would either be completely braided or totally pulled off.

I really want to have fun with the space and make some unique decor accessories.

Use various color and texture of yarn for variation

I started by picking some yarn based on one of  my color swatches. I also picked yarn of various textures and diameters. I even picked some roving yarn for a more organic feel.

inspiration color scheme for love your nieghbor

 I used an already stuffed pillow because I figured it would be easier to see how I wanted my yarn to fall.

Use  a larger needle to make a place to attach your fringe

I started by stitching yarn straight across a few inches down form the top.

This is what I am going to hang my fringe on. I used a huge needle for my yarn.

make a loop with your yarn

After that, I cut pieces of my yarn to a length longer than the pillow,doubled up. You’ll see why later.

Pull the loop under the first bit of yarn you stitched on.

pull the tails through the loop

Then pull the tails up through the loop.

Pull yarn taught to make a finge piece

Then pull them taut enough to make a “fringe” but not so much to break the yarn.

After that I started randomly cutting and looping the yarn, picking and choosing by eye and filling in.

start adding various colors and textures of yarn randomly

The thinner yarn I actually doubled twice. I felt like once was too skinny.

Keep layering the yarn to make your fringe

and I love how the roving yarn looks with the regular yarn.

Once your yarn fringe is as full as you like it,pull your fingers through gently to comb them all in the same direction

Once I had all of my yarn in place, it looked a little like Cousin It. I carefully combed through it with my fingers to make sure all of the strands were straight.

Trim the bottom in an angle pattern

Then I gave it a little trim on an angle.

Fun and easy fringe front pillows

What do you think? I kind of love this a lot.

pretty an organic fringe front pillow DIY

I think it has a great organic feel and very casual.

Various yarns in fringe front pillows

And I adore the different textures of yarn even though some of them are the same color.

Make these easy fringe front pillows with yarn

And I loved how easy of a project it was too. I think I had the first pillow finished in under 20 minutes, once I knew how I was going to do it the second one went even faster!

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  1. Love it. I can see so many possibilities and not a huge investment. I love that. Pillows can be really pricey so this is a great idea.

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