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Entry hall dresser update

I picked up this vintage piece from a thrift store for my entry hall dresser a while ago.It makes for great storage for all of the hats and stuff the come wandering in but don’t really have  a home, and a nice place to drop off keys and other things. Even though I love natural wood, it was just so dark and heavy and didn’t really seem to fit. Here’s a pic I snapped for Instagram.

dark wood dresser before

That dark wood kind of sucked all of the light from the corner.

I had a hard time picking a color to the point where I felt stalled.  People gave me some great suggestions on Instagram,including Annie Sloan home herself, but I couldn’t seem to make up my mind. I tossed around the idea of doing a blue, a dark gray or even a mustard, but nothing really made me say to myself, “Yes, do it!”

I ended up biting the bullet and using a jar of Divine sample paint I had picked up from Target a while ago. It was a lighter gray and pretty neutral. I did a light brush coat and then used  a wet paper towel to wipe off the excess for a distressed look.

painted sideentry hall dresser with gray paint

Even though I am trying to veer towards a little more modern with some bohemian thrown in, it felt right to give it a little age.

distressed entry hall dresser

I like that I can still see some of the wood grain through the paint.

Woven bowl from Ikea on entry table

I love this woven bowl from Ikea,it makes a great catch-all. I think it was also less than $10. I like it because it is big enough to put things in it like books in for the library (and to hopefully get them back on time…Once in a while we do manage to go and not have to pay a late fee.).

Ikea bowl

I am trying to go a little more minimal too, but stuff always manages to creep in. Every time I turn around there seems to be stuff everywhere.

hand painted lamp on entry table

 I have a tray I made on top and just a few other things including a hand-painted lamp and a $2 rock crystal piece from the flea market.

crystal as an accent piece

And there’s always an odd assortment of Lego’s,and other  things  on it, but that’s why it’s so perfect because when it’s too cluttered, I just sweep them into the top drawer. 🙂

entry hall dresser makeover

When that gets full, out comes the garbage bag… The circle of life.

I am going to keep it for now, but I am not totally settled on if I really love it or not the way it is. In the mean time I am going to keep my eyes out for another color.

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