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My Bright Kitchen Wall Color

Even though we finished our kitchen renovation a few years ago, it is always a work in progress. Recently we went for a paint change to update the space. I had been back and forth between colors. I think sometimes even though paint is cheap, it’s hard to make the commitment, because no one wants to get done painting and then hate it and have to do it all over again. I’ve learned since then to paint swatches on the wall and sit on colors for a while (not just pick and paint and start painting.). Which is exactly what I did this time around and I am so happy I did because it’s such a bright kitchen wall color.

Kitchen painted in Benjamon Moore's Bennington Grey

I loved the original color, Bennington Gray,but I was ready for something a little lighter and cooler. After painted several swatches and realizing that I was really looking for a color in between.

Painted kitchen Coastal fog and tapestry beige

I ended up doing a custom mix of colors by blending Tapestry Beige and Coastal Fog with a little bit of white. I adore our bright kitchen wall color. I knew the island didn’t work for us. It was too narrow and since the top had been painted, you can see how it kept peeling. Then, I kept repainting and it was  a viscous cycle.

vintage inpsired kitchen with rustic elements

I found this vintage work bench at the flea market and knew it was perfect!  Once we swapped out the islands I was really happy and it became my a totally love it moment for me.  It works so well with the new bright kitchen wall color. Our next project is sprucing up the downstairs bathroom. I am so excited to be starting. It’s been like a scary grandma basement bathroom (You know the one with one light bulb, a concrete floor,and spiders that no one ever wants to go in.) forever, and it will be so fantastic to have it be a real space again.

mixed metal modern traditional bathroom inspiration


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  1. Jenn your kitchen looks so lovely, warm and cozy. I love the shades of paint you chose for it. The island is great and perfect with the wood top and your vintage bench looks like it found a home.

  2. Excellent, as always — that new island rules! Look at all of your orange accents! I was just thinking it’s time to include some orange in my biz stuff — not sure if it will make it inside our house! Regarding love-it moments, we have had so many in our house re-do, but I guess right now it’s our gray subway tile back splash. Something neutral and yet unique!

    1. Thanks Kay. I like white kitchens because you can add color and change them in a snap!

  3. Your kitchen will forever be one of my absolute favorite spaces! Love your updates!

    Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

  4. Í love all the things you do but the silver plate over the kitchen and the wonderful light with cristals isn´t very viable in a kitchen you cook every day. Sorry, Stella

    1. HI Stella,
      We’ve had it like that for the last 5 years and I cook every day.Lots of time 3 times.. if those kids would ever stop eating! I was very lucky we could have my gram’s chandelier rewired and use it. It’s a great reminder of her.

  5. Jennifer,
    I love your bright crisp kitchen. The black open island looks so awesome with the all white cabinetry.

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