How to make marbled eggs for Easter or The 4th of July!….

You can give eggs a fun “marbled” effect for Easter or even the the 4 of July!! It’s a fun way to dye them and they are also pretty to eat.
It’s easy to make marbled eggs! Just  hard boil your eggs, gently rolling them around on the counter to crack the shell, and then letting them sit for about 10 minutes in an edible, food based dye. We like to use India Tree food dyes, with no corn syrup and made from 100% natural vegetable sources.
It's easy to make Marble Easter eggs with the kids

The dyes will settle in the cracks.

How to make fun Marbled Easter eggs

Then they are ready to peel and eat!!!!
Keep these in the fridge until you are ready to eat them or serve in a colorful egg salad!!!!
Now tell me, wouldn’t those make the most awesomest deviled eggs ever?
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