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Kitchen Renovation with Paint

We are still knee deep in renovations at the rental house . If you’re just joining in, we own a rental property a few towns over…. We are saving the kitchen for last because it is the biggest project yet and needs the most attention. The kitchen has an odd layout that someone decided was a good idea sometime I am guessing in the late ’80’s. The main layout is not that bad, but they moved the fridge to the other side of the kitchen.
Oak cabinets before
 Having the fridge on the other side with weirdly placed cabinets  eats up some odd space. Maybe it was a great concept, but in person, it just made it awkward. It made it a not quite eat-in kitchen because it was really cramped with a table in there and hard to move around.
View of kitchen cabinets with a refrigerator
 We pulled out the obsolete computer desk and moved the fridge to the other side to make  a better working triangle.
wall before painting
 I think it just opens up the entire space and you can actually see the nice back door.
White wall paint on the walls
The best part of redesigning space, is getting to look at inspiration pictures and imagining what the space could be. It has so much potential!
I really want to do what this lady did with a cabinet and mini-wall here next to the fridge.
 I love the black countertops and beige-y cabinets from this picture from here.
 Maybe a lantern or two? I found some at the Restore for $6 each! I am breaking out the spray paint again.
 I am obsessed with dark cream cabinets and black countertops. I wouldn’t do them in my own home, but they seem to fit perfect in this space.
I have to admit,progress feels  really slooooooooow. We were hoping to have it on the market already. I know it will be great once we are done, it’s just getting there and dealing with all of the little inconveniences along the way.
You can see the final kitchen reveal here.

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  1. The progress may feel slow to you but you guys are really doing a terrific job. Can’t wait to see what you create from the inspiration pictures – I’m sure it will be great. Good Luck!
    Erin at Piers and Chandeliers

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