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Farmhouse style wood tray

Hi everyone! It’s Angela from Number Fifty-Three and I had so much fun working on this farmhouse style wood tray to share with you all this month!

Make a farmhouse style tray with scrapwood


This tray was not nearly as difficult as it looks to make and it is the perfect piece to style our farmhouse coffee table.

Farmhouse style tray

Here’s what you need:  Four pieces of wood in your choice of length and width (remember you can have these cut for you at the home improvement store), wood glue and clamps, sandpaper, brackets, screws and screwdriver, paint or stain in your choice of colors, wax or poly (your choice, if desired), felt pads, scissors, decorative nails and a hammer. When working with tool always make sure to take the proper safety precautions.
We started out by cutting our wood to our desired length (roughly 24″). We put a thin layer of wood glue between the boards and clamped them until dry. When it was set we had the base of our tray. For extra security we screwed brackets onto the back at the seams and I added felt feet so it wouldn’t scratch our table. 

Make a wood tray

Make a farmhouse style wood tray

I then used a hammer to distress the wood, randomly banging and denting it. I sanded the entire piece to remove the super rough spots and splinters. Once I cleaned off the sanding dust, I used three shades of white and cream paint, letting it dry thoroughly between coats. I then sanded the entire tray to distress it and bring out all the details of the wood. I waxed the tray to protect it.  Then, I cut two strips of heavy duty leather (available by the bag at the craft store) and attached them onto the top of the tray with decorative nails.


I adore how this looks on our coffee table and how it blends so well with our living room. We have a fairly neutral base of whites, creams, and tans with just a couple of bits of color. We also have lots of distressed pieces and pieces with age and history as I’m trying to stay true to our nearly 100 year old farmhouse.

Leather handles farmouse style wood tray
I hope you loved this farmhouse wood tray as much as I did!
Farmhouse style wood tray with leather handles
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