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Faux brick wall fireplace mantel backdrop

Faux brick might be something you think of when you think of 1975, but lately that rectangle of paneling has been rediscovered buy bloggers, updated and transformed into something new!

 I have  a faux brick porject to share with you today, and

at the end of the post check out more walls and faux brick projects used all over the home. It truly can change your space for less than the cost of tile!

You can even buy Faux Painted Brick Wallpaper !

Use faux brick paneling to transform your walls

When we finally put the downstairs back together, we put one of my faux mantels (this one used to be upstairs) on the blank wall.

I loved having it there,but it looked so plain with the just the wall behind it. I know it’s fake, but it doesn’t have to look totally fake.

Fireplace before faux brink installed

I really thought it needed some texture. So we decided to make a faux brick fireplace mantel backdrop!

Hubby and I went over to Lowe’s (the only store that carried faux brick paneling in our area-Home Depot was a special order .) and picked up one sheet for around $28.

I remember everyone having this in their basement or rec room when I was a kid. I thought it was cool back then, now I think it’s kind of ugly in it’s present color scheme, but has a ton of potential!

Faux brick from lowes

They cut the panel  to size for us, so we ended up with a bit to spare we took home for other projects.

I needed to pieces, one for the back and one on the base.

painting faux brick for a faux fireplace insert

I stretched them out across our kitchen table and painted them with White Dove. It did take several coats. I used a brush so it had an aged painted brick look.

Painting faux brick

and I left some of it slightly under painted so just a bit of the brick peeked through.

Painted faux brick

Faux mantel with fake brick backdrop

We installed it with just a few screws and I put my cozy “faux” logs in the middle. Trim nails would look just was well. A panel costs about $12 each , so do to an entire wall would be a few hundred dollars or less.

I bought those for $11 last year in February on clearance, they look a  little cheesy, but I think that’s the fun part.

Faux fireplace with brick insert background

I love how it adds so much more texture to the background and it was a really easy project.

detail on faux painted brick backdrop

It was such a  simple solution for not having a real fireplace, to give it a more “real” feel.

It’s kind of  a cool,retro, product. I am actually going to use my other piece as a backdrop for photo shoots, but

this could be pretty awesome as a faux brick wall if you painted it, and I could see using this as a kitchen backslash.

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  1. I love the mantle, and the brick makes it!

    I also bought this brick paneling to put behind our Vermont Castings gas stove in our ‘bonus space’.
    I started out just painting over the grout in various shades of white and grey to try to fix that… but will probably paint over all of it like you did.

    Why would they ever make this with black grout lines or why not make it with both black and white? Blech!

  2. Kudos on the epic faux project! I love it!
    We, too, will be doing some faux-ness soon — we’re hanging bead board wallpaper in the kitchen!
    Martha Stewart from Home Depot.

  3. Just the inspiration I needed! I, too, have a faux mantel and very similar log set, (mine was a steal from my local Habitat for Humanity store at $5….the mantel from a city sale, $12…plus the paint it took to distress it and a friend’s labor). I will try the faux brick and see how it looks…Thanks!

  4. I love this idea. I can’t remember having seen this brick paneling at Lowe’s and I’m in there alot!!! This has really gotten my juices flowing and I can’t wait to try this. How fortunate for you to get such a deal on your faux logs too…sigh.

  5. nice. simple. pretty. check out the blog: from my front porch to yours, to see what she did with this same faux brick material. Blow you socks off!

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