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Quick and easy heart-shaped stamp

If you’re looking for a really super quick and easy heart-shaped stamp, look no further! This is about a two-second stamp (O.k. slight exaggeration.), and holds up really well.

You just need a small piece of foam core
board, all purpose glue and a small wood block.

Stamp pad ink or acrylic paint like I used here.

Easy way to make a heart shaped stamp woth foam core

Simply cut out a heart shape in desired size from your foam core board.

quick and easy heart stamp

Glue it onto your wood and wait an hour!

To get teh stamp to take up even more ink, you can carefully pull off the shiny part of the foam core, but do it very carefully or you might end up with small “dings” in your stamp.

unconventional and easy DIY stamps, hearts and woodgrain plaque.

Then you can ink your stamps and stamp away! I love using this technique for simple stamps because it’s so cost effective and so easy!

I love crafts that make life easier, not harder.

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