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How to Make a Fun Yarn Faux Fire

As many of you know, I have  a faux fireplace. My dream house some day will have a real fireplace, but for now I am going to have to warm myself by a wool fire 🙂  I thought I would create a blazing “fire” to sit by using black poster board and different colors of yarn. It’s kind of fun  and kitschy  yarn craft and really easy to Make a Fun Yarn Faux Fire! I love how it turned out  for the house walk.  The step by step directions are below.

fun yarn insert for your fake mantel

To create my yarn faux fire, I used a large piece of 3 x 4 ft.black foam core from the craft store. It was the perfect size for my opening. If you have a larger space you want to make this for, two pieces can be taped together.

USe white craft glue to make a yarn fireplace insert

I used white craft glue to “draw” the lines for my fire. It actually helps if you let the glue sit for a few minutes before adding the yarn. It gets a little tacky that helps the yarn stick better. I drew freehand  “flames” to make my fun yarn faux fire.

Add glue to the black foam board

I then just cut my yarn to size and laid it on the wet glue to dry. I found it was a nice effect to use various sized yarns.

Adding yarn to black foam board to make fake flames

I had the colors on hand. I used red, orange and yellow. I just pressed them into the glue lines. If regular craft glue isn’t strong enough, you can also use what tacky glue.

Various yarn colors used to draw fake flames in a fire

I let it dry flat. I also recommend cleaning up any extra glue before it dries or you might see it afterwards on the black background.

Making a faux fireplace insert with yarn

Once it was dry it was ready to go! It’s so much fun and adds a touch of whimsy to the space!

Jennifer Rizzo yarn faux fire

I put some real birch logs in front of it. I love how it looks, Like I am ready to pull up with a mug of hot cocoa and roast some chestnuts!

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