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Flowers and Stems to Gather for Dried Arrangements from the Yard

There are many flowers and stems to gather for dried arrangements from your yard to create free dried flower arrangements and bouquets. It’s so easy when doing late summer clean up to overlook them, but before you throw everything into the yard waste bins, make sure to take a peek around first!

Hydrangeas and grasses for drying

Here are some simple tips on some flowers and stems to gather and foraging items from your yard for dried arrangements:

-We all know hydrangeas are very popular for cutting and drying, but many other flowers like strawflower or statis are good too!

-Make sure to only gather non-toxic flowers and grasses from your yard, this includes items not only toxic to people, but pets as well. If you aren’t sure if something is toxic or not, contact your local poison control agency.

-Mix tall and short gathered items for interesting arrangements.

-When gathering grasses, give them a shake to make sure they are done shedding. Another trick is to spray them with hairspray to help control little bits from falling off and making a mess.

-If you skin is sensitive, gather with gloves.

-Always keep your gathered dried flowers and grasses away form open flames or heat. in their dried state they will be extremely flammable.

– You can try spray painting the flowers to make for a more interesting arrangement.

-Check for mold or mildew on the stems before bringing into the house.

-Always forage sustainably and responsibly.

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Many flowers such a daylilies are pretty ordinary and abundant. They are a pretty flower, but their left over seed pods are so interesting and add great texture to an arrangement!

Dried daylily seed pods

Quaking grass is a native that grows in dense mats, is easy to grow,  and when dried slowly goes from a plain green to a gorgeous deep golden color.

Grasses and pumpkins as simple fall decor

There are also so many other plants such as fountain grass, pampas grass, dried sedum heads and even small twigs from birch trees and maple trees are prefect foraged items to gather from your yard for dried arrangements! If you plant a cutting garden, working flowers and plants that are good for drying is a great way to enhance your garden and landscape!