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Free Flower in a Jar Still Life Mixed Media Art Printable

I have a free flower in a jar still life mixed media art printable for you today(for personal use only.)! I painted this a few years ago when I launched my Sparrow and Blossom Collection which featured nature and botanical themes, and I figured it was the perfect time to bring a little color in. I wanted to share it with you so you can print your own printable (for personal use only.). This is best printed on matte cardstock or even canvas paper (link for paper below).

floral  in jar painting on an easel

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This was originally a mixed media piece painted on canvas with heavy body acrylic paint and oil crayons. It was really fun to create and is such a great pop of color for spring time. I know you’ll love this artwork whether you decide to frame it or leave it as an art print. The colors are great for spring and summer decorating! If you want to try your hand at painting flowers, try this tutorial on painting forsythias.

Free flower mixed media art printable- for personal use only

Just save it on your computer to print. I think this would be pretty on a card too. To get a realistic art look try printing it on canvas paper.  To create the painting, I first used modeling paste underneath to give the canvas texture. Once that dried, I painted this piece with acrylic and used oil pastels to finish it off. If you’re looking for paper to print on, you can find paper here.

I like how much depth it has. I loved the challenge of painting the jar too so it looks like it has real water inside of it and I love how the fallen petals turned out on the tabletop. I hope you enjoy this free still life flower in a jar painting!

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