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Moth and Mushroom Botanical Wallpaper in our Dining Area

I am a big believer in making my home feel fresh with small changes, such as moving furniture around, or shopping my own home. For many years when the kiddos were small, we had our dining area set up so that the table and a bench created a nook area. I decided it was time to revisit the layout since it’s been like this for a long time with the table centered.

Dining area wall painted with a deep dark green accent wall with Midcentury modern art, a hanging plant and a dining table with chairs with a plaster vase in the middle and a candle

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If you don’t remember what our dining area looked like recently, I had a vintage MCM piece of artwork that used to live over my fireplace, and a library lamp on the back wall. I dressed it up a bit with a thrift store lamp and some sticks gathered from the yard.You can see how to make the plaster-look vases here.

Table with MCM art gold drapes and plug in library light over art

if you want to see what it looks like from years ago, you can see that here. I should do a series of posts about all of the changes in the rooms, it’s been a crazy evolution. We’ve been in this house for so long, that that space has seen many, many changes. We are in an odd space now, because instead of creating a home for our kids running to be around to be home all of the time, we are preparing a soft place for our nearly adult children to pop in and land in and out of for the next 5 years or so. It’s a strange place to be.

Hanging cottagecore wallpaper

I thought changing it up was also the perfect time to makeover the room. I had recently designed some moth and mushroom botanical inspired wallpaper “Discoveries in the Woodlands “. I thought it would be perfect for the dining area walls in relation to the black living room walls. I loved the moody and natural feel and I was so happy with how it turned out. The colors looked amazing! Even though neutrals are always popular, I also love the deep and saturated colors that are popular now.

Dining area with black and mushroom wallpaper and hanging lamp midcentury modern style

I will mention that I bought the woven peel and stick version of my wallpaper, because I knew I would probably be changing it sometime in the next few years. If I had to do it again, I would buy the pre-pasted. Hanging peel and stick wallpaper is really tricky. It doesn’t have what I call the “slide factor” of hanging regular wallpaper, and that created a challenge to match the pattern, because I couldn’t slide it around to get the images lines up correctly and took a lot of repositioning and some swearing. It was like a sticker and once it’s on, it’s on. I hung pre-pasted wallpaper in our downstairs bathroom when I recently redecorated it and it was so much easier, especially alone.

VIntage oil paintings and mushrooms and botanical wallpaper with ferns

Once It was up, hung the round mirror I used to have on the other wall, and then added a plug in light that is hung from a hook in the ceiling.

Vintage oil paintings on botanical wallpaper with moths and ferns

I found some beautiful vintage artwork I bought from Warehouse 55 that I bought from Melissa Parks at Warehouse 55. I love how it looks with the black wallpaper and the blooming forsythia (find out how to force bloom branches here.) . The yellow really pops and looks so pretty with the framed gold art and the gold mirror.

Beadboard Black and Botanical Mushroom and moth wallpaper in a dining room with frosythia branches

The next step is going to be painting the beadboard wallpaper on the bottom. I was considering painting it a neutral like a tan or beige to create a calm and cozy feel.

I love how wallpaper is making a comeback and especially wallpaper with a botanical feel. The mushrooms and moths fall into the “goblincore” aesthetic of a mossy and moody nature feel.

What do you think about the new wallpapers? I know a lot of people have terrible memories of removing wallpaper and refuse to put it up again. Luckily, the newer wallpapers are much easier to take down.