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Planning a contemporary traditional bathroom remodel

One of the fun things about doing interior design,redesign, and decorating, is that you get to do all sorts of fun projects, like help your mom plan a contemporary traditional Bathroom remodel. You can also see her kitchen remodel we did a few years ago.

I’ve been busy with a lot of redesigns lately, and with Little in the hospital,  we have been squeezing it between all of the craziness!

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Original 1980's vintage builders bathroom

The bathroom we are working on is her second floor main bathroom. Not only was it time for an update, but a small leak behind the shower means a whole new surround. We are going with tile since that’s what she already has.

Original 1980's builder's vintage bathroom, planning a contemporary traditional bathroom remodel

It was the one I used growing up, and nothing has really been done to it since they built the house. Now, it would be considered 1980’s blah  builders vintage. But man, this was HOT in ’84. Beige and boob lights were rocking it OUT.

Luckily, she has  a white bathtub. That’s makes things so much easier!

My mom’s style and mine are totally opposite, but she really loves gray.

My design plan is to go with a more contemporary/traditional feel with larger gray tiles on the floor and longer tiles on the shower wall. I have some similar tiles below to show you what the idea is we are going for. She is on a budget, so we’ve been shopping around for the best price.

These are 12 x 24 inch tiles  for the floor. I love this darker slate feel.

And for the shower wall, we are looking for a tile very similar to this but in a thinner style, more of  6 in x 24 in.

She has a glass tile already picked out to border near the top  that we are going to split into thirds to make  a thin boarder. The one she picked has a little more marble and gray to it.

We haven’t quite agreed on the vanities yet.

This is the one I like:

Elizabeth Bathroom Vanity with Marble

And this is the one my Mom likes.

Aria 48″ Bathroom Vanity

I like these options for mirror over the vanity.

I like this one because it’s very simple.

I’ve also been looking at this one at Pottery Barn and this one.

I am excited to get started. The bathroom should be tiled by the second week of November, so hopefully it won’t be too long until I can share her contemporary traditional bathroom with you.

I did   a mock up playing on picmonkey. Even though the tile colors aren’t exact, I thought it would be fun to kind of try everything out and see how close the mock up comes to the real deal.

bathroom remodel in gray

When it’s done, I think it’s going to be so pretty! I really love contrast in design, and I want to make it feel fresh and classic.

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  1. How fun! Enjoy the process with your mom. One consideration: I like the shape of the top on your vanity choice, but think the drawers may begin too low. The drawers are higher on your mom’s choice, and the top access panel / pivot drawer adds function 🙂

  2. This reminds me of the bathrooms in my current house…uh oh! You are inspiring me with that pretty tile! Your mom is going to love her new bathroom 🙂

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