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Upcycled Craft DIY Gold Antiqued Glass Bottles

I wanted to share a pretty an easy way to make DIY gold antiqued glass bottles without having to pull out all of the gold leafing stuff. This is a great upcycle for recycled glass bottles, an old clear vase, or just plain bottles you have lying around the house.


 This upcycled craft technique is really easy. To make this project, you’ll need clean, glass bottles, gloves, gold spray paint or multi-surface paint, a metal coiled  scrubby pad sink sponge, and warm, soapy water.  Start by spraying the outside of your glass bottle with gold spray paint making sire to spray for complete coverage. After letting it dry completely, lightly scrub with a scrubby pad and some soapy water and rinse, only removing as much paint as you want.

Gold DIY antiqued bottles made from recycled bottles

I would let this set an entire 24 hours before scrubbing to make sure the paint is really dried. Using the metal scrubby pad will give the paint that is left a worn and aged look.

Make sure to lightly scrub the glass so you don’t scratch it or break it with soapy water, and always use proper safety precautions when working with glass and spray paint.

I actually scrubbed mine right in a very shallow bucket of soapy water with a towel, wearing rubber dish gloved for a good grip. I placed  the towel on bottom so if I dropped it, hopefully it wouldn’t break. If you drop the bottle always be careful when reaching in if you drop it so you don’t grab any broken glass by accident.

I also recommend wearing rubber gloves so you don’t get gold flecks all over your hands.

Make pretty gold glasss with spray paint

It gave the bottles a very pretty antiqued gold look,especially how not all of it comes up, and it looks patchy and scratched like and old mirror. If you like this aged glass look, try this technique for making aged mercury glass mirrors from old window panes.

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  1. These are so pretty1 They look so lovely hang so many! Where did you find your bottles? One other poster suggested spray painting with solver- I wonder if it would look like mercury glass? I love the idea of doing some gold and some silver! Also love the little evergreen sprig – would look so pretty at each table setting. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I love DIY ideas that are simple and yet so effective. I’m planning a gold and white Christmas this year and will have to try making these!xx

  3. First off, 8 weeks!!! I better get to work! Actually, I was stopping by to say I love these little gold bottles! I also love the technique! So much simpler than gold leafing! Thanks for sharing!

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