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Hand-painted dramatic French decor

Yesterday, we saw a peek at a Room with modern traditional design with vintage elements.

The next room I have for you today in the #loveyourneighbor design house is a  dining room that the designers, from the shop Dallas decor and more, took a very dramatic spin on.

With hand-painted french decor, They painted the walls a very black. It had a very grounding effect on the room. I think it was really  interesting to see because normally  French-inspired decor is French Country and is very light and airy, I liked that this room had a different this take on it. It had a really elegant and stately feel and I felt like I could look at it forever. Even though it was very dark, it was also very restful and calm.

Dramatic dining room with French decor

It also let all of the really pretty hand-painted furniture pop.

Conservatory style table display

I also love how they used conservatory style for their table display. I am  a sucker for that.

Dramatic floral buffet display

The buffet received a single floral treatment. It had great presence. The designer told me she mixed fake and real flowers to get the look she wanted. It looked so pretty in person.

Dramatic collage wall

On the opposite wall was a collage of vintage elements.

Dramatic entry way

They aet up a nice mini entry way on the first wall hen you walk in. The piece fit perfectly in the space and really stood out against the dark walls.

It was really awesome to see what could be done with a dramatic space!

I’ll be back on Monday with more of the house!

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