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Vintage-inspired farmhouse decor

I know many of you are big fans of vintage-inspired farmhouse decor, so this is the room for you!

Vintage neutral farmhouse style decor

With a neutral theme and pops of natural elements like linen and cotton, it is filled to the brim with all kinds of farmhouse and homey inspired decor.

Styled by Denise of Denise’s Adornments (She was one of the homes in my book), Denise has brought some of her farmhouse flair to the #loveyourneighbor design house.

The room had been a small kitchen in the Serenade house, so it was nice that she could really style it up.

rustic kitchen with farmhouse decor

The room was packed full of all kinds of rustic goodness including the cute island and distressed cabinet.

Farmhouse accessories

I like all of the little farm animals placed around the room in various ways.

Cute farmhouse animal cupcake toppers

And let me tell you how awesome they smelled every time I walked into the room. I love that Denise used real food like the pies, cookies and bread in her design. It really gave it  a bit of warmth  and made it feel like a real kitchen. I was salivating looking at the pies too.

farmhouse and vintage inspired decor

If you are a neutral decor lover, this room was for you! Love that cabinet!!! I wish I had a place for it. I think it would be super cute in  bathroom for  towel and toiletry storage.

Farmhouse kitchen with vintage door as backdrop

She made great use of the space and everything was really well styled in little “moments”. Even though my style has been moving away from neutral and more into the color zone, I still like things that are neutral because they can fit in anywhere.

The other kitchen in the house was  was upstairs in the area that used to be an apartment. The room was designed by Calico Corners Of Hinsdale.

Mini kitchen area

It was a fun,mini breakfast nook like area.

Cute kitchenette area

I love the light fixture.

Fun capiz shell light

And they has a sweet, little entry table set up when you got to the top of the stairs.

Entry way table and mirror

I hope you’ve loved looking at these rooms so far, I still have a few more to share with you.

I have another room for you on Wednesday!! Or you can see all of the rooms and paint colors here.

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