How to make a cute Fall to Christmas burlap fabric chain….

I’ve seen many versions of paper chains but I’ve never seen a burlap fabric chain, and I thought it would be a great way to transition from Fall to winter and even onto Christmas. How awesome would a really long one be on a tree?!

Right now,I thought it would be super cute on my mantel and could change over easily!

How to make a burlap fabric chainI first took a 1/2 yard of burlap and used this same method to stiffen the fabric that I did to make my plaid leaf banner so the links would keep their shape.

Using this method they are less likely to unravel as well. It made about 20 links and about a 3 foot chain.

Make a burlap fabric chainAfter they dried,I cut them into 8 inch long by 1 inch wide strips.

How to make a burlap fabric chain I hot glued the two ends  of the first link together and then looped another one through the center of that and started my chain.

Make a burlap fabric chain

how to make a burlap chainOnce it was all hot glued together and I only burned myself twice, it was done!

Make a decorative burlap chain

How to make a burlap chain for Fall

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  1. CLEVER! I really like it and I think I just might have to do that for the tree this year, especially since I got rid of all my old Christmas deco. Thanks so much for sharing!!!

  2. This burlap chain is absolutely adorable! I love the simplicity of it. It looks so pretty on your mantel. Thanks for sharing!

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