How to Make an Oak Leaf Banner from Dad’s Old Plaid Shirt….

I wanted to show you how to make an oak leaf banner from old plaid shirts. I made for the Finding Home Fall home tour. The leaves are made from old thrift store plaid shirts. I wanted to use hubby’s,but he still wears most of his and might miss one… or two 😉

How to make an oak leaf inspired banner from an old plaid shirt

You just need a few simple things! To make this fun, plaid oka leaf banner! …Old plaid shirts, Mod podge, scissors,hot glue, and twine.

How to make an oak leaf banner from plaid shirts

Start by laying out your shirts.I used two shirts so I had two different patterns to work with. I used the big back part first. Pick which side you want to show and then make sure the Other side is face up. I laid them out on a large piece of cardboard so my floor was protected. Pardon the pics, they are a but blurry. I  was  doing it one handed and you can never tell how stunt photography is going to turn out.

Using decoupaage meium on a plaid shirt to make a banner

When making an oak leaf banner from an old plaid shirt, spread your Mod podge all  over the back of both pieces and let it dry. This will take a few hours, but it will make the fabric stiff so your leaves aren’t all floppy and can be cut.

Tracing leaf shapes on an old plaid shirt

After its’ dry, again on the Mod podged, wrong side, use the template(below) to trace your Oak leaves with a marker. You can grab the templates below for tracing your own oak leaf.

Oak leaf templates for fall banner from Jenniferrizzo.com for leaf tracing

Cut your leaves out. One side should be stiff and shiny-ish, and the other side will still feel soft.

Use oka polaid shirts to make an oak leaf banner for recycled clothing crafts

You want the soft side up when creating your oak leaf banner from a plaid shirt, this is the right side. Use hot glue to apply a drop to the back side of the stem part and fold it over the top of the twine, almost like a  tab. It will hang flat this way. This pictures isn’t the best, but do as I say, not as I do 🙂 Then just start glueing and layering the different sizes until you fill your entire banner as much or as little as you like.

plaid fall leaf banner

And then I just made a loop on each side with the twine to hang it up!

cloches and fall leaf banner made from old plaid shirts

You could make this with regular old triangular banner shapes too. Handmade fall decor is so fun to make! Have you ever tried to paint a rustic pumpkin?


  1. I like this and was looking for something to do with some 1950’s plaid dresses that haven’t sold in my shop. Perfect!

  2. I need to make something thrifty like this for a fall bonfire we are hosting in a couple weeks. This is just perfect! Thanks for sharing this idea with all of us.

  3. Great project and tutorial! I am always looking for ways to re-purpose things and this is a really good one. Thanks for sharing your idea with us!

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