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Mini bedroom makeover with color and accessories….

It’s been 3 years since I’ve done anything to our embarrassing mess of a bedroom. I decided it needed a punch of something.It felt so blah.

Jennifer Rizzo bedroom

Color and fun came to mind. Not that our bedroom’s not fun *wink,wink,nudge,nudge.giggle*

but it was so monotone and too austere for me. I love vintage, but I think vintage can feel heavy  sometimes.

Honestly,I’ve hated the color since I put it on the walls. It’s a really pretty color, but in our space, it’s just too cold and dark.I really want to repaint,I can’t  right now, it’s going to have to wait until spring, but I thought I could inject some color and fun in other ways with a mini-bedroom make over.I decided to do it with adding color and swapping out accessories.

Jennifer Rizzo mini bedroom make overI spray painted the lamps on the nightstand to a nice bright coral color.

And I removed the upper mirror and moved the metal piece from below in it’s place.

bedroom makeover with colorAnd I found the drapes and pillow at Homegoods. I love the drapes, I think they feel so much more modern. They’ll look much better when the wall is a different color.That fun, little pillow makes its way around the house.

And I think the nightstand is ready for  a coat of paint soon.

mini bed room makeoverI was able to get the deer head for a steal. I LOVE it. Mine’s not Anthro,but I know they carry one like it. I put some branches from the yard in it, but I think I’ll do something sparkly for the holidays.

It may move around my house too.:)

mini bed room make over vignetteI just love how much brighter and warmer it seems already. I can’t wait to paint those walls!

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  1. I saw your room makeover on Pinterest today and had to stop by to read more – I love it! It looks so bright and fresh. I can’t wait to see what you repaint the walls (why is everyone going so dark these days?!?!).

    What color is on the walls right now? It looks like it has a blue undertone in the after pictures and looks really lovely with all the other updates.

    1. Thanks Stephanie! It’s thunderstorm by dutch boy. I think it’s because our room tends to be dark because of our trees. It just needs something lighter.

  2. Nice updates, Jen! Love the new color on your lamp. I never thought to look at Home Goods for curtains. For a long time they didn’t carry them {back in the day}. Since I’m looking for some new curtains for the home office I will have to check the new Home Goods that just opened by us. A good excuse for me to go visit the new store!

  3. I am not going to lie… I HATE change! But I like what you did to warm up your space so that it feels brighter and more updated. Question… where did you get your OLD curtains? I like your new ones too, they are fresh and modern, but I am a sucker for florals. Will you share your source?
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful home… I have enjoyed your blog for a long time because of your great and creative ideas. You are a blessing!

    1. Hi Gabrielle,I actually bought them at Farm chicks a few years ago. They are vintage fabric. Thank you so much!

  4. Hi Jen,
    I had to smile. I am just getting done redoing my bedroom too. I know of a few other bloggers doing the same I guess now that fall is here we all need a make over in the bedroom!!!! Love the colors so bright and pretty.

  5. Love seeing this mini makeover Jen! I am getting ready to tackle my bedroom too. I love vintage as well but feel like my home is looking old and not in a good way. I am ready to mix some modern and vintage and create my style!
    Stay tuned!

  6. It really looks like you painted the walls too! I love the curtains~they really brighten your room up a lot. The coral is a pretty splash of color too. Where did you find the deer? Was that at Home Goods too?

  7. I love doing mini makeovers in the bedroom and bath. So simple and inexpensive. This looks fantastic, Jen, the orange in the lamp and pillow really pop and look great with the blue. I really love your old curtains, too. I’m always a little timid with patterns but when I saw your florals for the first time, I bought a cute set from Target and amazed my hubby! Love everything!


  8. I love your wall color by the way. Did you like the dutch boy paint? I never know what paint brand to buy.

    1. I did Carol Jane,it’s a great paint, I prefer Benjamin Moore,but Dutch boy is a great alternative.

  9. Hi Jen
    Am I correct-Thunderstorm was the previous color of your walls? Would love to know the color you updated with….so bright-a ton of colors to accent with…..am shopping for color for one of my bedrooms….Thanks!

  10. Love this! And even though you did it in the Fall, looks fresh and wonderful for Spring too! Such great colors right now, the coral and turquoise blue. What color did you use to paint the lamp? Did you just spray on?

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