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Woven yarn wall hangings for 2016

As a child of the 70’s,I remember walking into my friends homes as seeing huge woven yarn wall hangings of macrame against dark,brown wood paneling. Sometimes they were in an animal shape like an owl, and other times they were free-form full of knots and braids. Macrame is making a  come back!!!For a long time, if you went into a home and they had a macrame wall hanging, there was an inward groan about how dated it was,well, it’s now cool again and has a new twist! I can see why, it’s more about the yarn and fringe and tassels than pattern. There is something very calm and relaxing about the process of weaving and knotting, and something very visceral and organic about the results. You either like it or you don’t.

I love what The Nester did with a mop head. Yes people, a mop head. Pure genius.

DIY wall hanging from The Nester

It’ pretty cool to see how she made it too.

I also love this one by Lauren Conrad.

And Going home to roost shows how she made this amazing and colorful yarn wall hanging!

Colorful modern wall hanging by Going home to roost

I show you here how to make these yarn fringe pillows with this tutorial.

DIY yarn fringe pillow

I found this beautiful woven yarn wall hanging at, Knotsquared on Etsy.

Macrame wall hanging at Rustic Handcraft

Homey Oh my made this modern DIY wall hanging that has a fresh take. I love the touch of gold and geometric.

DIY wall hanging from Homey oh my

And Anthro never disappoints. This from last year,

but I’ve noticed their new decor has a very boho,yarn feel.

Wall hanging from Anthro

And this amazing woven yarn wall hanging by Sunwoven on Etsy.

weaving by Sunwoven on Etsy

So are you ready to give woven yarn wall hangings a try? You can find weaving kits here and here
on Amazon, or gather your supplies at your local craft store.

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  1. Love these! I grew up in the 70’s too, and my grandmother and I took a macramé class together. In fact, I found 3 large rolls of jute stored away – still unused that she had given me, which I now use as decor in a tub in my living room :))
    I have always loved the natural elements so prevalent in that decade, and am glad it is no longer considered an “eww” factor! I think it makes a house feel homey!

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