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Wood slice art acrylic painting

I thought it would be fun today to play around a little with some masking fluid and acrylic paints for this wood slice art acrylic painting.

Paint wood slice art

Masking Fluidor frisket is a tool artists use to mask off an area in a painting they want to keep white. It’s a latex-based product that allows you to paint right over the top, and then rub or peel it away once your paint has dried.I prefer a masking fluid pen as opposed to one you use a brush on, I feel it gives me greater control over fine lines and filling in.

I used it to do the lettering on my wood slice art so that the natural wood grain would show through on the lettering.

Trace your text onto the wood slice

After lettering on paper, I transferred it to the wood slice so I had lines to follow.

How to use masking fluid to make DIY wood slice art

I filled in my lines using the pen tip.

Use masking fluid to make wood slice art with acrylic paint. #woodsliceartideas

It will dry and change color. You want to make sure it dries all of the way before you start painting or your masking fluid with smear into your paint.

Paint right over masking fluid to make wood slice art

I taped off my wood slice edges, then I started painting a bit of green for rolling hills right over the masking fluid.

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Painting a sky scene over masking fluid in DIY wood slice art #woodslicecraft

I then added the sky, I painted white and light blue at the bottom and added darker blue to black as I moved up to the top.

Dab with a round brush to make clouds. #howtopaintclouds

I used a round brush to dab acrylic paint to make clouds, and I added a few trees to the landscape.

Rub masking fluid away to reveal what is underneath

 The minute your paint is dry, rub the masking fluid away. If you leave it on too long, it’s harder to get off and sometimes doesn’t come off at all. You can also use a hard rubber eraser to help remove it as well.

DIY wood slice art with acrylic paint

I added a hanger to the back.

DIY wood slice art with acrylic paint, fun and easy!

I love how the grain adds extra texture to the wood slice art.

MAke easy DIY wood slice art with masking fluid

I also love how the edges of the wood make an instant frame.

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