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Paint stir stick wood sign

So I have to admit, a few years ago, I bought a HUGE box of Wooden Paint Stirrer Sticks
intending to use them for a project. For some reason, the project never happened, and I now have  a HUGE box  sitting in my garage.  As much as I paint I will probably never go through them in this lifetime, so I thought it was time to do something constructive with them! For Valentine’s Day, I thought it would be fun to use them to make a paint stir stick wood sign with a cute heart on it.

Paint stir stick wood sign

I used about  13 sticks. I lined them up ,and evened them out.

USe paint stir sticks to make a sign

I glued two sticks down the back as a cross-piece for support and to keep the sticks together. This also made it a perfect square.

Add white to age and use as a resist

After the glue dried, I randomly swooshed on white paint to give it texture, make it look aged a  bit and act as a resist.

Use watercolor paints on bare wood to age it

I used plain, brown watercolor paint to age my wood the rest of the way and give it some color and character. You can use  a more concentrated amount of paint on the edge to darken it, and use a but more watered down to lighten it.

Paint loops on the edge of a red heart

After painting a big, red heart in the center with acrylic paint, and wiping some of the paint away with paper towel to let some of the wood grain come though, I added some words and some cute loops in white acrylic paint.

Make asign from Paint stir sticks for valentines day

I let it dry, and once it’s totally dry, the wood can either be sealed or waxed like any other wood!

Make this DIY paint stir stick wood sign from paint sticks!

Isn’t this a fun way to make a Paint stir stick wood sign?  You can find Wooden Paint Stirrer Sticks
on Amazon, but the boxes do come in a pack of 100, so be forewarned. If you buy them you either need to plan on making a lot of signs, or painting a lot of walls in your house!!!

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